Creación de un plan de empresa dedicada a la producción, envase y comercialización de agua orgánica Dasha

Diego Fernando Rodríguez Waldurraga
Tomás Higuera Torres


The main target of this work is to make drinking water without taking it of any water source, deposit or a tap One of the main problems that suffers the world nowadays is the absence and the access to this resource. Factors like the global warming, phenomenon of the child and the girl, make difficult increasingly the way of obtaining this resource so much for the human consumption, animals and the same nature it demands it because of forest fires, drying of rivers and hydrographic basins between some other needs. That's why there is born the idea of wanting to produce this resource without need to exhaust it, making it with the relative moisture of the air reaching a high purity level compared to existing products that exhaust this resource and in any occasions it does not expire with the minimal requisites for enclosed consumption facing mortal illnesses. To satisfy the needs for consumption, to take care and to preserve the water are some of the main targets of this millenium. That's why organic water “Dasha“ is born, 100 % natural, friendly offers to them to our clients a product with the environment, managing to eliminate somehow the water supply problems in all the municipalities of Colombia, starting in population of Sucre exactly in old Tolú