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Pulido Castrillón, Álvaro Andrés


Poverty is a phenomenon that has promoted throughout history the increase of social gaps,many discussions have been generated around the problem about their possible solutions.One of the alternatives to poverty reduction is education. Based on this hypothesis, in thepresent work, an analysis of its relationship is performed according to the data from theBogota Multipurpose Survey (EMB) in 2014 for the city of Bogotá focused on the middleand high strata focusing on research conducted by the District Planning Secretariat (SDP)2013 on "new poor or hidden poverty". It seeks to unveil with the results of theinvestigation and therefore of the model the incidence of education on the level of incomeof heads of household in the middle and upper strata of the city and the existence of aphenomenon "recent" as hidden poverty generated in a population that is socially andeconomically perceived with an optimal level of income and quality of life

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Pobreza, Capital humano, Educación, Situación socioeconómica, Oportunidades de empleo, Jefes de hogar

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