The textile and apparel sector in Colombia is considered one of the most important industries in the country, because of its contribution to economic development. Therefore, the present work seeks to use of intellectual property to strengthen the value chain of the sector through the approaches that will enhance its capacity to innovate and enable the industry to grow within the country, in order to expand internationally.The research was carried out through a qualitative study, focused on a systematic process, from techniques such as; Bibliographic review, databases and search equations. Those who provided the necessary documentation to carry out the codification of the information through the Atlas ti program, resulting in a state of the art.It was possible, collect information on approaches and procedures of intellectual property in different countries as well as their possible implementation in Colombia. It was evidenced that the use of industrial property is not common for the protection of the sector, as much in Colombia as in any other of the countries studied, due to the high costs and the constant evolution of the products. However, it is important to highlight the importance of product protection through tools like; geographical indication, trademarks, industrial design among others. In the same way, it was found alternative tools like; trade secrets, association and community designs. Likewise, strengthening the chain can be achieved by implementing protection mechanisms in the marketing and sales link, offering the country the competitiveness it needs to become part of a global value chain

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