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Escobar Malaver, Pedro Miguel


According to the Decree 1299 of 2008 "Whereby is ruled the department of environmental management of enterprises at the industry level and enacting other provisions" is established that all enterprises industry-wide that, according to current environmental regulations, have been granted or is pending about environmental licensing, environmental management plan permits, concessions, and other environmental permits; must have a Department of environmental management. Moreover, all firms requesting the process of environmental licensing, permits and other authorizations of the environmental authority must inform about the conformation of the environmental management department. In relation to the foregoing, FEDEARROZ y AGROZ a certificate seeds and agrochemicals producer and seller company have create the “Departamento de Gestión Ambiental” (DGA) in June 2009 over the Ministerio de Ambiente, Vivienda y Desarrollo Territorial, due to activities that are performed meet the characteristics contained in the ISIC classification and/or require permissions, environmental licenses or management plans, as the specific case of the seed-producing plant. The DGA has established four programs to fulfill with current environmental regulations, which are: compliance with environmental obligations, licenses, permits; compliance with the current regulations; cleaner production; and environmental support AGROZ. Inside the DGA planning, were established procedures that have as main aim the optimization of the activities developed within the company that can result in a significant environmental impact. To determine the activities that need attention, it was made an environmental impact matrix and a legal matrix. According to the corresponding prioritization were established that the main activities are those related to the handling of agrochemicals concerning transportation, storage and checkouts post-consume thereof. On the same way, knowing that within the organization does not exist cleaner production activities, were developed procedures aimed initially at the company´s administrative office taking into account maters of solid waste and savings and efficient use of water and energy. In addition, environmental management indicators were established in order to make an evaluation of the correct development of these activities. In this way, after the development of best practices, it seeks to accomplish the environmental targets stipulated by the DGA and at the same time a continuous improvement of the company.

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Gestión ambiental, Conservación de recusos naturales, Federación Nacional de Arroceros - FEDEARROZ (Bogotá, CO), Agroz S.A. (Espinal, Tolima, CO)

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