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Balda Ayala, Roberto Rafael


In Colombia septic tanks are mainly used as an alternative for domestic wastewater treatment in housing estates, farms and village homes. However, these wastewater treatment systems have low efficiencies in the removal of organic matter and other compounds. That is why, in recent years it has been implemented anaerobic filters as complementary treatments. Another alternative is shown in this project complementing the septic system, in order to improve the quality of the pouring water and to achieve the actual regulations (Res. 0631/2015), and thus contribute to the environment preservation especially the water resource. The objective of this project is to evaluate the behavior of the septic tank- artificial wetland system for the domestic wastewater treatment using Papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) as a macrophyte species. The species Cyperus papyrus has been mainly used as an ornamental plant, but according to studies it has been established that it can be used as a remediation species for polluted wastewater. The project will be develop in the “Balcones de Buena Vista” holiday house complex located in Cajicá- Cundinamarca with the geographical coordinates N 4th 57'12,8 " and E 74 ° 01'40,4 ", in which it was be performed monitoring and evaluation of the performance of septic tank- artificial wetland system through analytical measurement of different parameters: total Phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, COD, BOD5 and TSS. Cyperus papyrus as a macrophyte species demonstrated the high removal efficiencies of COD, BOD5 and SST (84%, 87% and 90%) at short start time (during a 35 days period). With respect to the proposed design the satisfactory results taking into account that the retention time of the system is less than 2 days. Additionally, the area requirements was 76% less than the area occupied by the septic tank studied in the investigation what makes the sub-surface flow wetland an attractive and accessible alternative with respect to the systems that currently offer the market positioning in a Medium level (high efficiency, low cost), with an additional aesthetic value that offers no other real alternative

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Conservación de humedales, Calidad del agua - Control, Tratamiendo de aguas residuales, Tanques sépticos

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