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Ramírez Rodríguez, Julio César

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Ramírez Rodríguez, Julio César


The project PROPOSAL FOR THE INTEGRAL WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT PRODUCT OF THE CARBON EXPLOITATION IN A COMPANY OF THE MINING SECTOR OF GUACHETÁ CUNDINAMARCA, aims to present an alternative for the management and integral use of the wastewater generated in the process of underground exploitation Of coal and the water generated by the daily activities of the workers, through a series of preliminary designs of the units required for the treatment of these waters. The proposed alternative is carried out to reduce the negative impact to the water resource by the constant vertimientos that the company of the mining sector carries out in some water sources as it is the case of Quebrada La Honda that directs its course towards the Lagoon of Fúquene, without A monitoring and control to ensure that the quality of the water discharged is adequate and complies with current regulations. The proposal for the management of wastewater generated by coal mining in the Mortiño Bocamina consists of the preliminary design of an aeration tower that receives directly the water that is pumped from the interior of the bocamina, this unit is composed of four trays Which contain coal coke, which seeks to reduce the concentration of iron and sulfates present in the water and increase dissolved oxygen; The preliminary design of a clarifloculator for the removal of contaminants and clarification of the water is done, the design consists of a single unit that involves flocculation processes through fast and slow mixing as well as sedimentation, this unit receives the treated water in the tower Aeration through a pipe; Finally, as sludge from the flocculation and sedimentation is generated in the water treatment process, the preliminary design of the drying bed for the handling of the same is carried out. We also considered the preliminary design of the tanks where the storage and dosage of Sodium Hydroxide and the flocculant to be used are carried out. For the case of the management of domestic wastewater, the proposal consists of the preliminary design of four infiltration wells that allow to complement the management that the company currently gives to these waters through septic tanks located in the areas of the scale and the camp

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Política ambiental, Tratamiento de aguas residuales, Industria minera - Aspectos ambientales

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