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In this document, a proposal of the environmental management plan for the Santander Diaz Muñoz brickyard, located in the village of Fusunga (jurisdiction one) of the municipality of Soacha is detailed, where three significant and influential factors for the investigation were taken into account, which they were: recognition of the place of exploitation and production, identification and evaluation of environmental aspects and impacts due to the productive process and, finally, programs and technical cards where measures of prevention, control, mitigation and compensation of environmental impacts were established. This in order to provide alternative solutions or control of impacts that the company has and that affect the environment, more precisely its direct and indirect areas of influence and the health of the surrounding population and that of its employees; in the same way, having their respective monitoring organizations that generate compliance with each of the activities established in the programs and technical data sheets through monitoring and monitoring plans. Thus, increasing the level of social and environmental responsibility of the company, becoming a mine with productive activity responsible and friendly to the environment and the community

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Gestión ambiental, Política ambiental, Ladrillos - Producción, Industria de la arcilla - Estudios de casos, Ladrillera Santander Díaz Muñóz S.A. (Bogotá, CO)

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