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Molina Acosta, Lizeth del Carmen


The present project aims to design a program of cleaner production - PML for the chain of restaurants Mc Donald's Bogotá, taking as a case study the Chapinero Mc Donald's restaurant, in order to provide guidance to one of the fast food chains in the world to improve their productive processes, through cleaner production, and in this way can reflect an image of environmental responsibility. Arcos Dorados, being the company that runs the restaurant chains of Mc Donald's, does not have a department of environmental management, environmental processes within their restaurants. As a result presents a high-energy consumption, waste of supplies, raw materials, equipment and paper advertising, occupational noise generation and waste which is reflected in high costs for the Mc Donald's. Experimental process consisted of the environmental diagnosis and design of the PML for a future implementation of the project. Its scope is limited to the Chapinero Mc Donald´s restaurant, given that is representative of the processes carried out in all the restaurants and has easy access to the information. It is expected that the PML, is considered a viable project for its implementation in each of the current and future restaurants in the city of Bogotá, allowing McDonald s to acquire a social and environmental responsibility as added value to the provision of their services

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Industrias alimenticias - Aspectos ambientales, Producción alimenticia - Control de calidad, Mc Donald's (Bogotá, CO)

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