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Cañasgordas, municipality located in west Antioquia to 133 Km of Medellín, its height average of 1300 msnm, temperature is of 21ºC and it has a population of 5838 inhabitants in the urban area. The present study evaluates the situation of public services with environmental, social, technicians and managerial approaches. The service of drinkable water is lent by eight aqueduct systems that present different coverings, the bigger than them is administered by the Municipal Governorship and it is the only one that has treatment subsystem. The sewer system is of combined type, has a covering of 71,3% and the pipes are property of the municipality. The waste water is directly poured to the Cañasgordas river, menacing with the public and environmental health of the valley and their residents. The Unit of Domiciliary Public Services, attributed to the Municipal Governorship, responsible for the municipal aqueduct and sewer system, has big deficiencies in its administration, but it maintains its commitment to the improvement. The alternatives of solution with a better qualification to the found problems, are for the supply of drinkable water, the exclusive operation of the System of Municipal Aqueduct, administrated by the USPD, the implementation of a program of control of losses and a plan of rational use of the water resource. A sewer system of separate type, with some technical adaptations and relocate the channeled streams by public roads. Later on the residual waters will be carried to a biological treatment with the objective of reducing the contributed polluting load

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