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The aim of this research – new in its field- is to define the academic and professional impacts of the B1 exam proposed by the Bachelor of Arts: English, French and Spanish at La Salle University, in order to be presented by the 6th semester students who at this point have to choose one of the three languages to make their emphasis. To achieve this, it was used a mixed methodology (qualitative - quantitative) divided in two moments: firstly, at the qualitative stage data collection instruments were created (Interviews, surveys composed by closed-type questions and documentary review). Secondly, the qualitative method was applied. The collected data was gathered and analyzed using percentages according to the number of people that answer. As Conceptual framework were used official documents provided by La Salle university such as the Institutional and Educative Project (PEUL); institutional lineaments and its curriculum map; as well as, the CIEP’s official documents which are used for guiding the language competences. Findings were related to the lack of coherence between the syllabuses educational intentions and criterion evaluated (at/in/with) the B1 exam. Finally, the results demonstrated that teachers; students and the curriculum agree with the idea of the test as a requirement in order to access to the emphasis.

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Metodos de enseñanza - lengua extranjera, Evaluación curricular - lengua extranjera, Evaluación educativa - lengua extranjera, Examenes universitarios - examen b1 de francés

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