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Forero Castañeda, Luis Manuel


Colombia has more than 7.2 million hectares eligible for commercial reforestation, of which Vichada has 569,653 ha with high fitness. And from this potential there were until 2014 a total of 69,762 ha reforested. First use shall be made over these areas, but investors are still not clear of what product to obtain and where to market them. Thus, the aim of the project is to analyze the business model of agribusiness reforestation in the Vichada area, With the secondary information of data available, it is feasible to execute an internal and external timber market, characterized the reforestation agribusiness according to existing background information in the state department of Vichada and perform an analysis of projects executed and the timber species already established. Additionally an analysis on the perception of the forest agribusiness, throughout a survey with the local reforester showed as a result that Colombia is not part of the competitive countries in the timber market. We are importers of wood products. Plantations in the Vichada are located far from centers of domestic consumption (like Bogota) and the lack of road and fluvial transportation infrastructures make this market no profitable as well. Thus, according to the expectations of reforesters two projects are presented at the profile level: One for CO2 bonds commercialization and a the second for lumber marketing in Villavicencio; as a conclusion, it must generate income to investors while the region's infrastructure is improved and / or establish a primary wood processing plant in the area, that allow the agribusiness of commercial reforestation to emerge as a viable business source in the state department of Vichada.

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Reforestación - comercial - departamento del vichada (colombia), Industrías de la madera - departamento del vichada (colombia), Desarrollo sostenible - departamento del vichada (colombia), Plantación de arboles - comercio - departamento del vichada (colombia)

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