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Ramos Barrera, Maria Gabriela


The research starts from a statement: the Internal Agenda of Huila, promotes local development through tourism development. Given this idea, the question is asked: Has the Internal Agenda of Huila contributed to the growth and local development of the Cluster Neiva city region? the target set for the year 2020 has been met. With the application of the methodology, it was determined that there is a direct relationship between tourism and economic growth, which directly impacts the local development of the city of Neiva, as long as tourism is promoted as a productive capacity of the municipality. Determining that some of the important factors that cause the delay of implementation, is the lack of a management office to monitor, monitor and evaluate the different programs and projects listed in the Internal Agenda, and verify the impact on the different municipal and departmental development plans. To this is added, the lack of commitment of some administrations, in betting for Neiva to be considered a tourist destination for Colombia and the world. In this context, the possibility that Neiva reaches its growth and economic development through tourism becomes increasingly distant. So it is evident, the need, that the government of Huila, create the figure of a governing body that manages each of the productive bets, and be responsible for them

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Desarrollo de la comunidad urbana, Análisis cluster, Desarrollo económico, Turismo

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Maestría en Estudios y Gestión del Desarrollo – MEGD


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Universidad de La Salle. Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Sociales. Maestría en Estudios y Gestión del Desarrollo – MEGD