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This research put forward an analysis about Universidad de San Gil - Yopal student perception of the problems at economic, environment, social and cultural level in Yopal town. This study takes 18 students of last semester in the Public Accounting, Business Administration. Nursery School, Agriculture Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Electronic and System Engineering. Thus, they answer questions oriented toward economic problems, environmental, social and cultural of the region. This, using focal groups and surveys based on the qualitative method. The main conclusion is that the students obtain a perception of the main problems of the region. special at economic and environmental level. They focus in the impact produced by 2014 crisis of the oil industry, especially the effects in the quality of life of the population. Furthermore, these students are aware of environmental problems of the region and the lack of public institutions to solve those issues. However, in most of the cases, the answers were clumsy and the students do not know concepts related with economic development. Based on that, this research allows analyze the impact of the university in the student formation with skill focus on the social and cultural compromise and the environmental protection. The students on last semester must describe and perceive, in a critical way, the region problems so that as professionals they can undertake proposal to solve those problems

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Fundaciones - problemas sociales - yopal (casanare, colombia), Fundaciones - problemas económicos - yopal (casanare, colombia), Educación - yopal (casanare, colombia), Fundación universitaria de san gil – aspectos ambientales - yopal (casanare, colombia)

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