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Yepes Lugo, Cristian Armando


The referendum on the permanence of the United Kingdom in the European Union held on June 23 of 2016, where the "leave" won, has generated a debate in the academic community. Important aspects related to national identity, immigration, restrictive immigration policies and nationalism are relevant characteristics of this phenomenon. Lower-income voters were targets of political campaigns that led to the rejection of migrants and skepticism towards the European Union. The present research situates itself between the time frame of 2013-2016, and aims to analyze the way in which immigration policies of the United Kingdom, contributed in the victory of the "leave" on the referendum, after identifying the concept of Nationalism in the country’s immigration policies. In addition, it characterizes the historical backgound of the victory of the "leave" in the referendum between the years 2013-2016. Subsequently, it explains the relationship of immigration policies with a nationalist character and the victory of the "leave" in the referendum during the period of 2013-2016. This research has a qualitative approach because it uses strategies such as recording, analysis and data interpretation. Thus, the analysis techniques are descriptive, documentative and conjunctural. As a result, it is observed that immigration policies in the United Kingdom during 2013-2016 were characterized as being restrictive and discourageable towards EU and non-EU imigrants. Likewise, immigration policies and laws adopted by the British government, respond in their structure and means of application, to the theoretical categories of nationalism. Finally, immigration policies and immigration law reforms implemented between 2013 and 2016 did not reduce the number of immigrants arriving in the country each year. Therefore, failed to reach their goal. For this reason, the immigration policies in the United Kingdom contributed to the victory of the “leave” in the referendum

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Nacionalismo, Política de inmigración, Multiculturalismo, Identidad nacional

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