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Based on studies carried out by the Secretariat of Social Integration, Bogotá has had an increase in inequality and a growth of street dwellers that has marked for years the situation that has been facing the city of Bogota. It is found that the plans exercised by the Bogota Mayor's Office "Bogota without indifference, Bogota human and Bogota better for all" have not been sufficient to mitigate this problem, because of this and according to the secretary of social integration is observed that from the year 1997 to 2012 (last census), there is an increase of street dwellers. In keeping with the above, this problem may have impacted on economic and social issues in the country. Therefore, it seeks to contribute to reduce indigence rates, since it is a factor that has influenced the delinquency and massive consumption of psychoactive substances. According to the above problem, the idea arises of proposing solutions through an institution to support the national and international institutions operating in the country, which would have as purpose to support and promote programs of social inclusion to the population in a state of vulnerability. This project will be structured in two parts: entrepreneurship and readaptation to the social population. In labor performance, Law 1014 of 2006 is based on the development of labor competencies, forming individuals capable of transforming their environment, generating resources and acquiring wealth through the creation of business ideas "micro-enterprise", in relation to social readaptation it is expected that the vulnerable population will once again be an integral part of society. As a hypothesis, it is suggested that the creation of a non-profit institution can contribute to the reduction of street people, helping to reduce the consumption of psychotropic substances and reduce crime in the Puente Aranda sector. Providing vulnerable people with programs of social inclusion and entrepreneurship, and providing elements that can improve the quality of life of each of them, supported by the contribution of national and international entities with the help of cooperation. This project will be carried out through a bibliographical review, and field works that help to support and demonstrate the hypothesis raised previously

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Integración social, Desigualdad social, Personas indigentes, Estado social de derecho, Calidad de vida, Calles

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