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One of the elements that has obstructed the economic growth and its social impact in Colombia, is related to the absence of the infrastructure road, this is a consequence of the government manage. However, the creation and maintenance provided by government was not adequate and the resources for the construction of new projects became insufficient. This situation created a road deficit that opened the way for private participation in the construction, operation and maintenance of the different roads in the country. To highlight, private investment guarantees agreement and the participation of different sectors in the solution of the problem. This project focuses on an analysis of Private-Public alliances in road infrastructure, and the relationship between them and the increase in Colombian exports, in the specific case of the sun route period 2009-2013. The topics that will be developed include: the importance of the road sector for the country, the balance of private participation in its development, and the relationship that is directly generated in Colombian exports (Rozas & Sánchez, 2004, p.15) Based on a documentary review, it is projected to describe the relationship that is generated between Private-Public alliances in road infrastructure and Colombian exports for the specific case of the sun route. The discovery of this relationship was made through: a bibliographical inquiry, Analysis of primary sources and national documents provided by entities such as: National Planning Department, National Infrastructure Agency and Andean Development Community

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Mantenimiento, Carreteras, Crecimiento económico, Alianzas estratégicas (Negocios), Exportaciones

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