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Florián Buitrago, Maribel


The objective of this research is to identify the social representations of gender that around the children care practices have the families linked to the Obra Social Mornés (OSM) Institution. This fact is important because in the institution we find a series of violence that has to do with the reproduction of a patriarchal society. It should be noted that Mornés is an ICBF operator whose role is to support the restoration of the Children’s and adolescent’s rights (NNA) who have been diagnosed as vulnerables. The installation is located in the neighborhood La Estrella, in the locality of Ciudad Bolívar in Bogotá. This is a qualitative research since it admits that the reality is integrated by the perception that subjects of the world have. This fact is in all congruent with the purpose of this research, since the concept of social representation starts from the assumption that the behaviors of the subjects are consequence of the way in which they understand the reality. Therefore, a historical-hermeneutic approach, an individual and group interviewing have been chosen as a technique for collecting information. Regarding the main findings, it should be noted that the various functions that are exercised around care remain under the responsibility of women, in addition to the fact that women continue to carry out the main tasks at home. In their dialogues they connote the importance of care in the life of the subjects, the mothers assume an active participation in those actions, and that is to say, they are women, mothers and caregivers who consider that they must assume the work of caring for multiple reasons. One of them is because socially it has been given to the woman the responsibility to take care of the children and to watch over the life of the same ones

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Familia, Sexo, Violencia, Condición social, Derechos del niño, Derechos humanos

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