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Roa Menoza, Claudia Patricia


The present document places in the agreement realized between the Fundación Saldarriaga Concha and the la Universidad de La Salle, to realize the qualified project: " I Support the phase 3 of productive projects of the gone away ones from the Program of Agronomic Engineering of the Project Utopia of the University, which productive opportunities include and offer in the field to persons with disability, major adults or keepers " which develops in Granada/Meta's municipality from May, 2016 to November, 2017; in this one there links herself a group of five students of social work and an educational adviser. Along this report one presents a synthesis of the phases developed during the accompaniment psychosocial, in that there is approached a contextualization and diagnosis of the territory, where the productive projects take place, in addition there is exposed the characterization of the population and follow-up across the implementation of methodologies and technologies allowing to recognize this way realities in which the participants are immersed; followed by this there appears an analysis of the project and the description of achievements, skills and competitions. Likewise, they will find general conclusions about the productive projects as bet of construction of peace in the territories, the relevancy and findings of the part psychosocial opposite to the rural development and social policies; besides the achievements and skills acquired during the process

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Factores de riesgo psicosociales, Proyectos de desarrollo económico, Grupos por edad, Edad adulta

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Trabajo de grado - Pregrado

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