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Serna Maya, Beatriz Helena


This research of grade, had intended to know the contribution that the project 743 of the SDIS makes human development of citizens (as) street dwellers from their narratives. To respond successfully to this objective, the methodology was defined like qualitative, with phenomenological approach, of descriptive type, used the semi-structured interview as a technique for data collection and the content analysis like analysis technique. The target population of the study were eight citizens of street dwellers. To systematize of the information was used the categorical matrix, intrasubject and intersubject; later, everything was summarized in a general matrix. The analysis and interpretation of the results were made from the triangulation of information obtained of the narratives of those interviewed. According to the contrast between the results and the authors in relation to categories it was found that: The capabilities allow participants the strengthening their physical and mental habilities, for the improvement and construction of the life project from the decision and initiative. The development of opportunities in the population allows for greater empowerment that enables the improvement of their quality of life, through training, study, work, among other components. The freedoms are considered as a state of being, because, according to their narratives expose the need for a condition of freedom to feel right and the opportunity to think and act as they wish. Keywords: Street dweller, narratives, human development, capabilities, freedoms and oportunities.

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Desarrollo humano, Asistencia pública, Pobres, Calles, Empoderamiento, Calidad de vida, Habilidad

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