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Corrales Álvarez, Juan David


Evaluate the productive and reproductive parameters of gilts in pen and housing, was the aim of this study. The group of gilts in cage and pen had a habituation 15 day pre-insemination with a density of 1.2m2/female and 1m2/female in pens with 19 gilts, respectively. Records were taken at Fazenda farm and consisted of weight gain, 180-day weight, weight and age at first service, observed estrous, number of total born piglets born alive, stillborn, born fetuses and mummies. Data was analyzed through descriptive statistics and analysis of variance. Greater weight gain was found for gilts in pens compared with cage. Additionally, the average number of piglets born dead, fetuses and mummies were not different between treatments. These results infer that pre-insemination for females in pens have a more productive and reproductive potential while maintaining a higher level of animal welfare compared with gilts in pens

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Carne de cerdo - Calidad, Cerdos - Inseminación artificial, Cerdos - Mejoramiento de la especie, Cría de cerdos

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