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Garzón Vanegas, Alba Lucy


Thisis a business plan document, developed as a supportforthe Social Projectiondegreemodality, theresultsobtainedwiththeelaboration of thefeasibilitystudiesforthecreation of a companyforthedevelopment of Ecotourismactivities, located in Themunicipality of Anolaima - Cundinamarca. Thepresentprojectwasdeveloped in jointworkwiththeinhabitants of themunicipality and with a specialaccompaniment of Father Ángel Alfaro, established as leader of thecommunity. According to thisperspective, thedevelopment of thestudieswasdirected to thepresentation of a relevant and qualitybusiness plan thatallowed to determine theviability and applicability of theecotourismcompany, specifically in theadministrative, legal, market, technical, , Economic and financial

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Comercio turístico, Estudios de factibilidad, Evaluación de proyectos, Gestión financiera, Microempresas, Administración, Nuevas empresas, Planificación empresarial, Proyectos de desarrollo rural, Turismo ecológico

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