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The following document is written with the aim of showing the importance of the "Santa Lucía" hacienda in preserving the memory of the territory of Coyaima and Ortega - Tolima, and how it influenced the configuration of the territory, in its architecture and in its history, becoming a sidewalk of the municipality without losing the heritage architectural footprint, which accounts for the most traditional construction technique on land in the territory "el bahareque" and the materiality that characterized the time. To represent the aforementioned, the original large house of the Santa Lucía hacienda and the site for its implantation, located in the municipality of Ortega, close to the urban area of the municipality of Coyaima in the department of Tolima - Colombia, are taken as the object of analysis. . The document contains the history of the hacienda and its relationship with the environment, the municipality and the surrounding sidewalks, as well as a physical-spatial description of it, a study of heritage valuation and typological conceptualization that will allow the reader to be immersed in an architectural, territorial, patrimonial and historical matrix in order to show the importance that haciendas have had in Colombia and the relevance that Santa Lucía shows within the aforementioned areas, taking into account that in addition to being like many haciendas, the nucleus which gives rise to urban growth, is one of the few haciendas that have their main house built entirely in bahareque. There will also be stories, memories and plans that describe the territory, as a way to keep alive the memory and the passage of the history of the Hacienda Santa Lucía, which has seen so many generations grow and which has marked childhood of so many children from the region. Today, it can be seen in its bahareque walls destroyed or deteriorated by inclement weather, climate and abandonment, an intimate part of the history of the community, its customs, its architecture and its culture in general

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Arquitectura - Diseños y planos, Valoración histórica y arquitectónica, hacienda Santa Lucía, Conservación de la memoria, Tolima

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