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Sánchez, Roberto Mauricio


Differences in gender pay have been present in the Colombian labor market for many years. These differences have not been homogeneous for each of the socioeconomic strata, so it is necessary to make a detailed analysis of what happens to women according to their position in the social structure. The results show that women in the lower strata who have high levels of education are in a higher proportion than men of the same educational level. The objective of this final report is to analyze the wage gaps between men and women according to socioeconomic stratum, through a descriptive analysis and with the estimation of different econometric methodologies that seek to show empirical evidence of the existence or not of discrimination in the Colombian labor market according to the position in the social structure of the population groups.For this purpose we used the Mincer equation method with and without selection bias correction and the Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition technique. The results show that for all socioeconomic strata there are differences in income between genders, and that a large part of this differential is explained by discriminatory treatment of women, but especially in the lower strata. Given that wage gaps are an obstacle to the achievement of a society and more equitable growth, it is important to pay due attention to the results in order to propose some policy recommendations that promote a more inclusive society

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Discriminación laboral, Situación socioeconómica, Salarios, Diferencias sexuales, Mercado laboral

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