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The liqueur sector is made up of three large segments: distilled spirits, fermentedbeverages and beers; In which the importance of each of them within the Colombianeconomy is highlighted, although the growth of this one has not shown resultsaccording to its real capacity; It is necessary to strengthen the sector so that it iscompetitive both nationally and internationally. Where the government has beenrecognizing the liquor industry as an advantage for economic development, whichmakes it necessary to analyze and determine competitiveness variables that affect theinternational trade of the liquor industry in the country; It should be noted thatcompetitiveness strategies are influenced by changes in a globalized world.Therefore, this research seeks to answer the following question: What is thecompetitiveness strategy that must be implemented to internationalize the liquorindustry of Boyacá S.A.C.I. In Mercosur ?, for which the analysis of competitiveadvantages and of internationalization is used as a tool, allowing the analysis of thedifferent sections as: Characterize the liquor industry, analyze the market that for ourresearch was taken Mercosur, where It seeks to mention an internationalizationstrategy to promote competitiveness in the country.Given the influence of the liquor industry in the country's economy, the ColombianGovernment has promoted policies that also allow the good development of the liquorindustry as part of the sector and with the support of the Colombian Association ofLiquor Industries (ACIL siglas en español), where Processes of globalization,characterized by the free trade agreements have as potential the national liquorindustry

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Industria licorera, Mercado de exportación, Desarrollo económico, Competitividad

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