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Vargas Prieto, Amanda


The present degree work aims to answer the research question What is the incidence of young people in social entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector of the country ?, through qualitative methodology, through a case study carried out through of bibliographic review, interviews and participant observation, with the purpose of establishing the inclusion of the rural sectors of the country through social entrepreneurship, identifying the main aspects of both agricultural and social entrepreneurship that generate benefits for the communities, which for research is the Choco region, and define the way they generate development.The results of the research show that the participation of young people in the development of rural areas through social entrepreneurship is very scarce, due to lack of support and incentives on the part of government entities, which makes the activities not very constant that contribute to the economic growth of the community. On the other hand, there is a high commitment of young people not only to grow professionally but personally, with thoughts of creating companies directly aimed at the agricultural sector and from this area to be able to generate a change in their communities, especially in rural areas

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Juventud, Agricultura - Aspectos económicos, Desarrollo rural, Crecimiento económico

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