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This work pretends, through a qualitative study, to identify determined facts of the offshoring in the textile manufacturing industry in the city of Bogota, Colombia. Initially, there was an inquiry about the theoretical background based on the offshoring in the Colombian industry, which to the moment found there was not any previous investigation in depth about this type of strategy.An investigation was made about the authors who mention the offshoring from different perspectives. Therefore, the investigation helped establish the offshoring’s concept, and obtain implementation and evaluation. A survey was design and applied with different types of questions, such as: multiple choice, Likert scale, and dichotomous. Moreover, to obtain validation an assessment was made by an expert in International Trade. A web page was published and sent out to different companies’ headquarters. The sample was composed of 30 companies form the textile manufacturing sector, located in Bogota. Out of these companies only 10 questionnaires became valid (3 large, 4 medium, and 3 small companies). The obtain results showed that out of the valid questionnaries, 60% of the companies that implement offshoring, 50% are large companies classified according to the number of employees.Also, it’s good to point out that the characteristics from a companie, according to the theory, influence in the decisión to implement strategies form the offshoring. It also determines the election in the mode of offshoring used for the companies in the textile sector of Bogota.Key Words: Offshoring, International outsourcing International Penetration, Cost Reduction Technology.

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