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In the municipalities near Bogotá, there is a large production of produce, especially vegetables. The area selected, is a rural area in the vicinity of Bosa. There people are used to using the the waters from the Tunjuelito River that receives waste waters from residential and industrial from inside the city. These waters are used for irrigation of these vegetables. Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) this is the most common variety and of major direct consumption and that has a negative impact on human health, if the lettuce is not washed properly after being harvested, contrary to what happens with water cress or spinach (Spinacia oleracea). The laboratory analysis was performed on the water, soil and leaves of the lettuce, to understand the effect of the irrigation water on these elements and on the final produce. In addition an in depth analysis was made to understand the long term effect of these on the soil. In the manner a lettuce crop in Tenjo (Cundinamarca), with better production methods, was studied in or to compare both results.4

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