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Ramírez Rodríguez, Julio César


This degree work has planned to carry out an analysis of the risks and impacts that are generated as the basis for finding strategies, alternatives and solutions; resulting in a better and efficient allocation of environmental, likewise, increased productivity manage the use of water resources sustainable water use and compliance with the objectives of the research development regarding the water footprint by what it is important to conduct an analysis of the floriculture sector in the savannah of Bogota, where social and environmental problems arising in economic activity and production process concerning the use of water, should be taken into account for assessing the water footprint of permanent and/or temporary crops belonging to the top of the upper basin of the Bogotá River.

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Análisis - huella hídrica, Agua en agricultura, Utilización del agua, Evaluación - huella hídrica - producción de rosas - municipio de sesquile (cundinamarca, colombia)

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