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Panesso Hernández, Andrés Felipe


The operation and service quality of distribution companies in Colombia are delimited by the resolutions issued by the Electric power and Gas Regulatory Commission (CREG for its acronym in Spanish). Utilities must achieve an optimum balance between investment costs, operation and maintenance, and customer service quality. The regulation provides for the utility a remuneration scheme by achievment of indicies of service quality and continuity on the network [1]. Also provides them a methodology for the presentation of investment plans and strategic plans for the improvement of service quality to their demand, based on analysis tools such as reliability analysis and electrical system data. This paper proposes an analysis based on reliability models and data like voltage profiles and chargeability in a medium voltage distribution circuit, developing a strategy for determining technical activities to improving the customer service.

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Desarrollo de una estrategia, Evaluación y mejoramiento de los índices, Confiabilidad en circuitos, Distribución de media tensión

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