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Vega, María Eugenia


Throughout the 21st century, environmental dynamics have been configured as a factor of analysis due to climate change, water pollution, erosion and desertification of land among others. This in turn has led to a series of consequences such as forced displacement and escalation of environmental conflicts. In particular, discussions of environmental phenomena are relevant to Colombia's future in a potential transition to post-conflict since environmental conflicts have generated a new form of displacement that is not necessarily associated with the dynamics of the armed conflict. For this reason, the research is based on a critical analysis of the forced displacement generated by the increase of environmental conflicts in Colombia in the period 2014-2016. Thus, for the analysis of this type of displacement, the categories are more profound: environmental refugee, environmental migrant and environmental displaced person. However, it must be emphasized that the explicit inexistence of a definition of the environmental displaced person in relation to environmental conflicts has prevented the necessary and adequate treatment of this problem. In this sense, this research will carry out a theoretical-descriptive approach with a nonexperimental qualitative approach through a content analysis based on scientific journals, research papers, reports from international organizations, official documents of the Colombian State and finally, compilation of Colombian environmental conflicts carried out by the Atlas of Environmental Justice for the period 2014-2016. This is done to contribute to the discussion on an explicit definition of the environmental displaced, which undoubtedly allows to visualize this new problem and to propose strategies to face it in Colombia and the world

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Protección del medio ambiente, Cambios climáticos, Contaminación del agua, Desplazamiento forzado

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