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Sánchez García, Diana Patricia


The present work consists of an investigation of the current situation of Human Rights in the prison system in Colombia, since it has had a starting point that has been visible for approximately thirty years, at which time inhuman conditions To which persons deprived of liberty have been subjected to prison and penitentiary centers, problems of health, overcrowding, excessive use of force, etc., are and have been protagonists. It has been a periodic process that has been characterized by the reduction of these problems and that, not in vain, generated the creation and organization of a Social Movement called the National Prison Movement, which spearheads the struggle for the human rights claim to people Who are deprived of their liberty and who today, despite their changes, have the support of several rights organizations, extramural. Through interviews with leaders, ex-prisoners and prisoners, important information for this document was collected and analyzed. In addition, the main objective of this research was to identify the human rights situation in Colombian prisons, specifically in the Prison Complex and Metropolitan Penitentiary of Bogotá "COMEB" La Picota, based on the following guiding question: What is The role of the National Prison Movement in the Prison and Metropolitan Penitentiary Complex of Bogotá "COMEB" La Picota?

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Derechos humanos, Presos, Prosiones

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