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Bedoya Calvo, Isabel Cristina


This research gives an account of the right to health of Colombian children and adolescents from the professional practice of a group of pediatric doctors belonging to the Colombian Society of Pediatrics in Bogotá, recognizing the right to health as a right fundamental human being that is directly related to life, which is crossed by social determinants, laws and policies established in the current health system. The research method addressed was qualitative, taking a phenomenological approach and a descriptive level which was developed through the semi-structured interview technique; This was applied to twelve pediatric doctors, which allowed us to approach a social reality based on the perception of the selected population. After this, four categories of analysis were established: the right to health, health care, guarantee of the right to health and professional practice, resulting in the different notions of the right to health of children and adolescents contemplated in the professional practice of pediatricians taking into account aspects such as care, barriers, weaknesses and strengths of the health system in which it is currently governed

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Derechos del niño, Pediatras - Responsabilidad profesional, Derecho a la salud, Derechos humanos, Práctica médica

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