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González Vargas, Reny


This research to analyze and recognize the psychosocial aspects that constitute the political subject who promotes the right to health through the literature search around the concept of political subject, health law and opportunities for participation. The research group addresses the purpose of the thesis to delve into the most important aspects in the construction of political subjects through the implementation of in-depth interviews to different leaders and / or political facilitators who promote health as a right. For this reason, the document focused on identifying and describing the different spaces of participation taken from ecological theory. During the development of this paper grade he was identified as political subjects participated in the study took on a critical-reflective on ethics and political and social point position. Finally, from social work it looking for to contribute to both the research as teachers and students and social work program on the importance of making critical awareness of the reality of the current health model. Keywords: Political subject, Agent of change, Social mobilization, Violation of law and Social work.

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Derecho a la salud, Política social, Desarrollo humano, Políticos

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