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Under the age of 5 years old in Bogota city are exposed to multiple risks such as poverty, malnutrition, health issues and non-stimulating domestic environments, which is negatively affecting both their cognitive, linguistic and socio-emotional development and as well as their development human. Therefore, different variables that contribute to the poverty increasing were identified in the early childhood with data taken from the life’s quality survey done by DANE in 2015. The main objective of this paper is to provide a real context about living conditions and inequalities that affect early childhood in Bogota city. With this, it is expected to make a contribution to the development of local public policies, likewise, it is intended to demonstrate how interventions in early childhood can act as an important influence factor when talking about equal opportunities for boys and girls, and in this way reduce the intergenerational dominance of poverty and inequality

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Desigualdad social, Pobreza urbana, Desarrollo humano, Desnutrición infantil, Trabajoi social con niños

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