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Hualpa Zuñiga, Andrés Mauricio


This project aims to make a proposal to improve the system of enlistment orders Bogotá Food Bank from four phases. The first is diagnostic, where it is known how the operation of the enlistment process and other processes that have direct interaction as selection and classification, scheduling and others also recognize the location and collection of the products and also the distances traveled to place orders. The second phase of the project is the identification of models location where initially the turnover rate is determined and then the different scenarios location of the products are designed and continue with the third stage design, in which taking into account the location selected models, different scenarios using different routing techniques to then identify the best method of collection products are plotted. Finally, in the fourth phase of evaluation indicators current distance found in the first phase are taken and compared with the proposed obtained in the third phase models routes to determine the design and the final distribution system enlistment food Bank orders.

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Almacenamiento de alimentos, Control de alimentos, Abastecimiento de alimentos, Mejoramiento - sistema de alistamiento de pedidos - banco de alimentos – bogotá (colombia)

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