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López Gómez, Jenny Marcela


The present work of degree is articulated a macro project developed by teachers of the program of Social Work of the University of the Salle, denominated Rural Families: Scenarios and practices for the construction of peace in the municipality of Guayabal de Síquima Cundinamarca; From this study, the categories Rurality, Rural Family and Peacebuilding are retaken, which base the elaboration of the antecedents of the present study, after which a new category is denominated democratizing practices which directs the investigation in the knowledge of The tensions and the family dynamics that appropriate families guayabalunas from factors like the context and its history, this first because of the knowledge that has about the rural territory in terms of marginalization with respect to the urban territory, existence of poverty, lack of job opportunities, health, education and life say, the second in historical terms because it is known that this municipality Was a direct victim of the Colombian armed conflict since two fronts of the ELN (National Liberation Army) were present for a long period of time. The research aims to characterize the family dynamics and democratizing practices of rural families, who contribute to the construction of peace in the municipality of Guayabal de Síquima, this from the design and implementation of an instrument that accounts for the Research on socio-demographic aspects, structural and functional characteristics of the family, democratizing practices within the family and the contribution they make to the contribution of peace in the country. The methodology used to obtain the data of the analysis is based on a quantitative approach of descriptive type, the technique and the resource of data collection is a family characterization survey, which is taken from the Social Observatory of Families, adjusted to the needs of the present investigation and endorsed by experts in the matter. The results of the survey reflected important contributions in the variables determined in the research, firstly, rural families have forms, dynamics and relations both divergent and convergent referring to urban families. Secondly, the family is conceptualized as a scenario in which communication, relationships, support, respect, and help are generated that allow the needs of the human being to be met. Finally, families are placed in a space of democracy and dialogue in Which makes the inclusion and participation of the other important

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Paz, Desarrollo rural, Familia, Marginalidad social, Situación socioeconómica, Vivienda

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