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Suárez Puentes, Karin Viviana


The purpose of this degree work is to identify the scenarios, knowledge and practices of social workers in the face of psychosocial attention. This way information is collected at the National Historical Memory and Reconciliation Center, Ministry of Health and Social Protection (PAPSIVI), the Ombudsman's Office and the different public and private universities in the country that allowed the identification of the scarce documented information regarding the role of Social Work and its practical contribution to the mitigation of psychological and moral damages. Likewise, this investigation project is justified on the basis of the contributions that this degree work can offer to the Social Work program of the University of La Salle, in addition it is intended to generate a theoretical contribution towards the Social Work profession, and to finalize the contributions to the investigation group. Information is collected from the semi-structured interviews conducted to four professionals in different areas of the country, taking into account that it seeks to identify the contexts, knowledge and practices of social workers in the field of psychosocial attention; this research project is qualitative and exploratory with a hermeneutical historical approach; to finalize the proposal of methodological routes is made based on the parameters established by the professionals in each scenario, and also takes into account the importance of implementing from the academy chairs that allow addressing the issue of psychosocial care with different populations

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Trabajo social, Víctimas, Conflicto armado, Derechos humanos

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