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"This academic space is characterized by being theoretical-practical and is divided into eight Units and a project distributed six of the eight weeks that comprise the course. In total, eight Units correspond to one week each. We will carry out a project that begins in week three and ends in week eight. This is a virtual course that will have an encounter in each country (Bogota, Colombia and Manhattan, United States) in which we will develop immersion activities. In addition, we will have our weekly virtual meetings, in which each learning unit will be presented and discussed. Unit one is about cyberethics, concepts and theories. Unit two refers to ethics and moral responsibility. Unit three consists of privacy and security in cyberspace. Unit four is about cybercrime and identity theft. Unit five covers intellectual property. Unit six incorporates the digital divide. The project will be worked throughout unit one until unit six. The product of it will be a digital workshop that will have a focus on ethical and global considerations in technology. "

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cyberethics, cyberspace, intellectual property, moral responsability, privacy, security


Universidad de La Salle. Dirección de Educación E-Learning

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Global and ethical perspectives in cyberspace