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Jiménez Ibáñez, José Raúl


This is a research article about conflict as a problematic that concerning society, educational system and educational institutions; just as it has been talking about since the end of World War II on education for peace. Which leads us to wonder if the Education for the Peaceful is an abstract construct such as an ideal and hence the need to see it from the constructions of an education for Education for the Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts to that based in this recognition, peace a reality. If the main goal of this research was identify, from the documentary review about strategies for Peaceful education, the need to think first in an Education for the Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts so that it has a positive effect on Peaceful Education. This in order to account, based on data collected and analyzed, that in the elaborated and developed strategies in educational institutions it pursues an ideal of education for peace, and from there the need of redefine strategies like dialogue, focal groups, workshops with parents, among others, They are part of an education that seeks to teach students solve conflicts peacefully. From Comenius, “Science and political organization up with pedagogy, are based on the supreme happiness of mankind” (UNESCO, 1957, pág. 15). And to reach that supreme happiness it is necessary don't focusing in negative situations of society, but in the search for union of peoples. It is developed a documentary-style research, it was taken fifty documents from 2000 to 2015, in different Hispano-American countries, and this research was classified in articles, thesis, reports and books. Then it proceeded to the categorization of the strategies found in the documents consulted, which have been implemented in educational institutions around the world for the peace education and the Education for the Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts. This article leads to reflect in the way that is taught in Educational Institutions, of the importance of educating students with critical reflexive thinking, face to controversial situations that occur in their social environment so that it can find possible solutions.

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Tratados de paz - colombia, Luchas sociales - educación - colombia, Solución de conflictos - educación - colombia, Planificación educativa - resolución pacífica de conflictos - colombia

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