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Submissions from 2015

Hand position tracking using a depth image from a RGB-d camera, Daniel Leonardo Marino Lizarazo and José Antonio Tumialán Borja

Supercritical transesterification of beef tallow for biodiesel production in a batch reactor, Paola Andrea Marulanda-Buitrago and Víctor Fernando Marulanda-Cardona

Measurement model of knowledge management in productive chains, Victor Hugo Medina García and Jair Eduardo Rocha González

A literature review on the vehicle routing problem with multiple depots, Jairo R. Montoya-Torres, Julián López Franco, Santiago Nieto Isaza, Heriberto Felizzola Jiménez, and Nilson Herazo-Padilla

Pollination ecology of three sympatric species of oenocarpus (arecaceae) in the colombian amazon., Luis Alberto Núñez A, Carolina Isaza, and Gloria Galeano

A contrast between DEMATEL-ANP and ANP methods for six sigma project selection: A case study in healthcare industry, Miguel A. Ortíz, Heriberto A. Felizzola, and Santiago Nieto Isaza

Usefulness of molecular tools to identify Leptospira spp. in human, animal and environmental samples, María Catalina Ospina-Pinto and Patricia Hernández Rodríguez

Complete power distribution system representation and state determination for fault location, Andres Felipe Panesso-Hernández, Juan Mora-Flórez, and Sandra Pérez-Londoño

Automatic obstacle classification using laser and camera fusion, Aurelio Ponz, C. H. Rodríguez-Garavito, Fernando García, Philip Lenz, Christoph Stiller, and J. M. Armingol

Laser scanner and camera fusion for automatic obstacle classification in ADAS application, Aurelio Ponz, C. H. Rodríguez-Garavito, Fernando García, Philip Lenz, Christoph Stiller, and J. M. Armingol

Clay-bearing rocks slaking characterization using artificial vision, O. Rincón, L. Florez, and M. S. Ocampo

A first approach to soft rock slopes life cycle, using H/V ratio microtremors technique, O. Rincón, C. I. Guerra, and M. S. Ocampo

Three-dimensional modeling of pavement with dual load using finite element, Wilson Rodríguez-Calderón and Myriam Rocío Pallares-Muñoz

Stereo road detection based on ground plane, C. H. Rodríguez-Garavito, J. Carmona-Fernández, A. de la Escalera, and J. M. Armingol

The scientific and technical ebook market in Spain, Irene Sofía Romero-Otero, Patricia Jissette Rodríguez-Sánchez, and Elea Giménez-Toledo

Characterization of a warm mix asphalt containing reclaimed asphalt pavements, Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana, Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells, and S. B. Chávez

Reading and writing in university: Contribution for reconstructing a history, Adriana Salazar-Sierra, Olga Sevilla-Rengifo, Blanca González-Pinzón, Carlos Enrique Mendoza-Arciniegas, Alberto Echeverri-Guzmán, Daniel Quecán-Castellanos, Luis Ernesto Pardo-Rodríguez, María Floralba Angulo-Abaunza, Juan Manuel Silva-García, and Mariano Lozano-Ramírez

An introgressed wing pattern acts as a mating cue, Angela P. Sánchez, Carolina Pardo-Diaz, Juan Enciso-Romero, Astrid Muñoz, Chris D. Jiggins, Camilo Salazar, and Mauricio Linares

Expressions of matrix metalloproteinases-1 and -9 and opioid growth factor in rabbit cornea after lamellar keratectomy and treatment with 1% nalbuphine, Miguel Ladino Silva, Alexandre Pinto Ribeiro, Germana Alegro Silva, Irma Ximena Barbosa Sanchez, Roberta Renzo, Ricardo Uscategui, Tiago Barbalho Lima, Marcela Aldrovani, and José Luíz Laus

Fungistatic effect of extracts and essential oils of lippia origanoides H.B.K. and thymus vulgaris l. as alternative management of botrytis cinerea in strawberry, Luis Alejandro Taborda Andrade, Manuel Salvador Sánchez Orozco, Carmen Rosa Bonilla Correa, and Carlos Huertas Davey

Mass transfer kinetics during arenca (Triportheus magdalenae) salting, Diego Felipe Tirado, Diofanor Acevedo, and Piedad Margarita Montero

Axial movement of the dual-optic accommodating intraocular lens for the correction of the presbyopia: Optical performance and clinical outcomes, Javier Tomás-Juan and Ane Murueta-Goyena Larrañaga

Submissions from 2014

Effect of Origanum chemotypes on broiler intestinal bacteria, Liliana Betancourt, Fernando Rodriguez, Vienvilay Phandanouvong, Claudia Ariza-Nieto, Michael Hume, David Nisbet, German Afanador-Téllez, Alexandra Martynova Van Kley, and Armen Nalian

Calcium-activated potassium current modulates ventricular repolarization in chronic heart failure, Ingrid M. Bonilla, Victor P. Long, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Patrick Wright, Andriy Belevych, Qing Lou, Kent Mowrey, Jae Yoo, Philip F. Binkley, Vladim V. Fedorov, Sandor Györke, Paulus M. L. Janssen, Ahmet Kilic, Peter J. Mohler, and Cynthia A. Carnes

Social policies overflowing: The rainy season in Bogotá, Ana Marcela Bueno and Gina Patricia Bello

Determinantes socio-económicos y financieros del acceso a vivienda de interés prioritario: Un estudio para el caso colombiano durante el período 2009-2012, Paola Carvajal Calderón, José Félix García Rodríguez, and Alexander Cotte Poveda

A retrospective study to the new MERS-COV 2012-2013 coronavirus, Ana Isabel Celly Trujillo and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jimenez

Transmission expansion planning considering multiple generation scenarios and demand uncertainty, Carlos Adrián Correa, Ricardo A. Bolaños Ocampo, and Antonio H. Escobar Zuluaga

Multi-objective transmission expansion planning considering multiple generation scenarios, Carlos A. Correa Florez, Ricardo A. Bolaños Ocampo, and Antonio H. Escobar Zuluaga

Getting the shots: Methods to gain adherence to a multi-dose vaccination program for inner city, drug-involved prostitution communities, Giffin W. Daughtridge, Timothy W. Ross, Paola A. Ceballos, and Carmen E. Stellar

Armed Conflict, dispossession of land and the cattle activity: An inquiring between the unofficial testimony and the state numbers in the department of Meta - Colombia, Aura María Duarte Rojas and Alexander Cotte Poveda

Morphology of the larvae, male genitalia and DNA sequences of Anopheles (Kerteszia) pholidotus (Diptera: Culicidae) from Colombia, Jesús Eduardo Escovar, Ranulfo González, Martha L. Quiñones, Richard C. Wilkerson, Fredy Ruiz, and Bruce A. Harrison

Fine particulate matter source apportionment using a hybrid chemical transport and receptor model approach, Y. Hu, S. Balachandran, Jorge E. Pachon, J. Baek, C. Ivey, H. Holmes, M. T. Odman, J. A. Mulholland, and A. G. Russell

Blue-Motic: Monitoring and control energy consumption point in mobile devices, Diana Lancheros Cuesta and Yenoval Daniel Cruz Alfonso

Content adaptation for students with learning difficulties: Design and case study, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Angela Carrillo-Ramos, and Jaime A. Pavlich-Mariscal

Telemedicine platform for monitoring diabetic retinopathy, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Antonio Tumialán, Jorge Giovanni, Héctor Pérez Vargas, and Marcelo Carrizosa

Analysis of the power coefficient for a wind generation system, I. Lopez-Garcia, G. Espinosa-Perez, and Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez

Development of a computational tool for the systematization of the geotechnical design process in deep pile type foundations, Andrés M. Lotero, Carlos M. Piscal, Oscar D. Pulido, Paola N. Zapata, and David A. Martinez

Monitoring and storage of information of corporal variables in mobile devices using the IEEE 1073 standard, David A. Martinez and Andrés M. Lotero

Fertilizer dosage vehicle via global positioning system with technology for small productions, Pedro Fernando Martin Gomez and Oscar Saul Hernandez Mendoza

Arterial blood pressure as a predictor of the response to fluid administration in euvolemic nonhypotensive or hypotensive isoflurane-anesthetized dogs, William W. Muir, Yukie Ueyama, Adriana Pedraza-Toscano, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Carlos L. Delrio, Robert S. George, Bradley L. Youngbloods, and Robert L. Hamlin

Erratum to Floral Preference of Melipona eburnea Friese (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in a Colombian Andean Region (Neotrop Entomol, 10.1007/s13744-013-0172-y), D. Obregon and G. Nates-Parra

Floral Preference of Melipona eburnea Friese (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in a Colombian Andean Region, D. Obregon and G. Nates-Parra

Comparative analysis between ANP and ANP-DEMATEL for six sigma project selection process in a healthcare provider, Miguel Ortiz Barrios, Heriberto Felizzola Jim�nez, and Santiago Nieto Isaza

Influenza: Environmental remodeling, population dynamics, and the need to understand networks, María Paula Ortiz-Rodriguez and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jimenez

Temporal and spatial variability of particle-bound polycyclic aromatic hydrocabons in Bogota, Colombia, Jorge E. Pachon, Hugo Sarmiento, and Tomomi Hoshiko

Location of shunt faults in radial power distribution systems considering capacitive effect and non-homogeneous lines, A. Panesso-Hernandez, J. Cadena-Zapata, and J. Mora-Florez

The changes in the residential habitat solutions in Bogotá of Instituto de Crédito Territorial, Alex Leandro Pérez

Electromyographic signals processing for robotic assistance tools in the rural population, Andrés A. Ramírez D, Mario Jiménez, and Miguel F. Arevalo

3D Digitalization: Reverse engineering - Towards the industrial development, Jorge Eliecer Rangel Diaz, Julio Alberto Ambrosio Prieto, and Laura Marcela Patino Garcia

Automatic laser and camera extrinsic calibration for data fusion using road plane, C. H. Rodríguez-Garavito, A. Ponz, F. García, D. Martín, A. De La Escalera, and J. M. Armingol

Gluconeogenic capacity and energy balance in grazing dairy cows treated with a low dose of recombinant bovine somatotropin in transition period, J. L. Sánchez, C. A. Wagemann, C. Strieder-Barboza, and M. Noro

Milk production and energy indicators in semi-housed dairy cows treated with low doses of recombinant bovine somatotropin during transition period, José Luíz Sánchez, Nicolás Tagle, Rodolfo Daetz, Edgardo Duvauchelle, and Mirela Noro

Single-optic positional accommodating intraocular lenses: A review, Javier Tomás-Juan, David P. Piñero, and Ane Larranãga Murueta-Goyena

Physical and numerical experimental study of stress-strain state of the structure lining of a shallow tunnel, A. C. Torres and E. A. Padilla

Mathematical model for film sulfonation from palm stearate, J. A. Torres

Submissions from 2013

Generation mean analysis to estimate genetic parameters in a cross of pimenton and cayenne pepper (Capsicum annum L.), Fernando Aguilar Silva, Bernardo Aguilar Silva, and Mario Augusto García

Model for implementation of IEC61131-3 standard in flexible manufacturing system, Oscar Mauricio Arévalo Rodriguez and Álvaro Antonio Patiño Forero

Modified cementless total coxofemoral prosthesis: Development, implantation and clinical evaluation, Sergio Andrés Arias Serrato, José Roberto Blanco, Joao Vicente Doretto, Giovana de Lima Toccafondo Vieira, Humberto Pereira Oliveira, and M. F. Rezende C.

Analysis of the Colombian asphalt alteration in water immersion, Olga Atencia Herrera, Carlos Enrique Daza-Velásquez, Ana Sofía Figueroa-Infante, Wilmar Dario Fernández-Gómez, and Fredy Alberto Reyes-Lizcano

Bayesian-based ensemble source apportionment of PM2.5, Sivaraman Balachandran, Howard H. Chang, Jorge E. Pachon, Heather A. Holmes, James A. Mulholland, and Armistead G. Russell

Particulate and gas sampling of prescribed fires in South Georgia, USA, Sivaraman Balachandran, Jorge E. Pachon, Sangil Lee, Michelle M. Oakes, Neeraj Rastogi, Wenyan Shi, Efthimios Tagaris, Bo Yan, Aika Davis, Xiaolu Zhang, Rodney J. Weber, James A. Mulholland, Michael H. Bergin, Mei Zheng, and Armistead G. Russell

Relative efficiency in government environmental entities: An evaluation of the regional autonomous corporations (CAR) of Colombia, Rodrigo Alberto Britto-Agudelo, Óscar Yecid Buitrago-Suescún, Julián David Puerto-Suárez, and Julio César Ramírez

A comparative analysis of adaptive visual servo control for robots manipulators in 2D, Maximiliano Bueno-López and Daniel Mariño Lizarazo

Evaluating the effect of the number of generations in IBUN 91.2.98 leuconostoc mesenteroides cultures on enzyme extract production, G. Buitrago Hurtado, W. A. Villamil Porras, D. J. Vargas Sepúlveda, A. Otálvaro Alvarez, and G. Y. Flórez

An experimental evaluation of the incidence of fitness-function/search-algorithm combinations on the classification performance of myoelectric control systems with iPCA tuning, Guillermo A. Camacho, Carlos H. Llanos, Pedro A: Berger, Cristiano J. Miosso, and Adson F. Rocha

Insecticidal effects of four essential oils on adult Aedes aegypti and Anopheles albimanus in experimental conditions, Estrella Cárdenas Castro, Isabel Riveros Toledo, and Ligia Lugo Vargas

The In Vitro Mass-Produced Model Mycorrhizal Fungus, Rhizophagus irregularis, Significantly Increases Yields of the Globally Important Food Security Crop Cassava, Isabel Ceballos, Michael Ruiz, Cristhian Fernández, Ricardo Peña, Alia Rodríguez, and Ian R. Sanders

Setting priorities for surveillance, prevention, and control of zoonoses in Bogotá, Colombia, Natalia Cediel, Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez, Jaime Romero, Libardo Renteria, and Daniele De Meneghi

Water and poverty: A study of the Colombian Orinoquía region, Gustavo Correa Assmus

Multiobjective environmental transmission network expansion planning, Carlos Adrian Correa, Ricardo Bolanos, Alejandro Garces, and Alexander Molina

Multiobjective transmission planning with security constraints, Carlos Adrian Correa, Ricardo Bolanos, Alejandro Sanchez, Alejandro Garces, and Alexander Molina

Corruption, economic development, and insecurity in Colombia, Alexander Cotte Poveda

Explaining the violence and crime in Colombia: A criminometric approach, Alexander Cotte Poveda

Poverty, inequality and socio-economic development: A dynamic approach for Colombia, Alexander Cotte Poveda

The relationship between development, investments, insecurity and social conditions in Colombia: A dynamic approach, Alexander Cotte Poveda

Violence and social aspects in the seven most important cities in Colombia: Evidence from a panel data model, Alexander Cotte Poveda

CO2 emissions in German, Swedish and Colombian manufacturing industries, Alexander Cotte Poveda and Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Health, violence, environment and human development in developing countries, Alexander Cotte Poveda and Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Preface, Alexander Cotte Poveda and Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA): An application for the industry, Alexander Cotte Poveda and Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Design and implementation of a prototype orthosis for prevention and treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), C. Karen E. Karen E. Garzón C. and José Luis Rubiano F.

Anthropophilic biting behaviour of Anopheles (Kerteszia) neivai Howard, Dyar & Knab associated with Fishermen's activities in a malaria-endemic area in the Colombian Pacific, Jesús Eduardo Escovar, Ranulfo González, and Martha Lucia Quiñones

Guidelines for occupancy harmonization territorial model (MOT) and capital region (RC) within the city region. Case west savannah, Oscar Yesid Fonseca Roa

Fuel-based fine particulate and black carbon emission factors from a railyard area in Atlanta, Boris Galvis, Mike Bergin, and Armistead Russell

Tenderization effect on the physical characteristics of commercial cuts of second and third buffalo's meat (Bubalus Bubalis) during ripening process, Luisa Fernanda García Delvasto, Laura Marcela Mendoza Aragón, and Javier Francisco Rey Rodríguez

Sipunculans associated with dead coral skeletons in the Santa Marta region of Colombia, south-western Caribbean, Carlos E. Gómez, Nestor E. Ardila, and Adolfo Sanjuan-Munõz

Challenges and crossroads of the Bolivian state, between the natural and plurinational state, Nidia Catherine Gonzàlez

Artificial neural networks to represent the attenuation of seismic intensity, Eddy Herrera-Daza, Alfonso Mariano Ramos-Cañón, and Julio Alberto García-Leal

Relationship between company innovation strategy and the decision to patent: Empirical evidence from Colombian manufacturing companies, Jorge Luís Juliao Rossi, Fernando Barrios Aguirre, Jana Schmutzler, and Iván Dario Sánchez Manchola

B-WalkMóvil-mobile information system for the blind location, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Laura Cardozo, and Laura Corredor

Personal learning environment for disabled people, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Angela Carrillo-Ramos, and Jaime Pavlich-Mariscal

Analysis of population and demographic dynamics in the evaluation of the development process of the town of Puente Aranda, John Harold Muñoz Rojas

Geographical and botanical origin of Apis mellifera (APIDAE) honey in four Colombian departments, Guiomar Nates-Parra, Paula María Montoya, Fermín J. Chamorro, Nedy Ramírez, Catalina Giraldo, and Diana Obregón

Metabolic and productive response in grazing dairy cows supplemented with quebracho (schinopsis balansae) tannins, Mirela Noro, Clarissa Strieder-Barboza, Gustavo Reyes, Marina Weschenfelder, Luis Gabriel Cucunubo, and José Luíz Sánchez

Antioxidant and antibacterial activity of leaf extracts from four agroforestry species located in Colombian orinoquia, Ludy Cristina Pabón Baquero, Jairo Vanegas Gordillo, Margarita R. Rendón Fernández, Rosario Santos Arias, and Patricia Hernández Rodríguez

Health risk represented by inhaling polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) during daily commuting involving using a high traffic flow route in Bogota, Jorge E. Pachón, Hugo Sarmiento, and Tomomi Hoshiko

Revising the use of potassium (K) in the source apportionment of PM2.5, Jorge E. Pachon, Rodney J. Weber, Xiaolu Zhang, James A. Mulholland, and Armistead G. Russell

An analysis of eco-efficiency in energy use and CO2 emissions in the Swedish service industries, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Energy, development, and economic growth in Colombia, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez and Alexander Cotte Poveda