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Submissions from 2010

Toxic effect of Ruta graveolens L. (Rutaceae) aqueous extract on Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann, 1820 and Culex quinquefasciatus Say, 1823 larvae in experimental conditions, Estrella Cárdenas Castro, Ligia Lugo Vargas, and Álvaro Rozo Bautista

Breeding sites of Culicoides pachymerus Lutz in the Magdalena River basin, Colombia, María Cristina Carrasquilla, Felipe Guhl, Yaneth Zipa, Cristina Ferro, Raúl Hernando Pardo, Olga Lucía Cabrera, and Erika Santamaría

The epidemiology of canine rabies in Colombia, Natalia Cediel, Fernando de la Hoz, Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez, Jaime Romero, and Arturo Díaz

Artificial induction of lactation in cattle, Priscila Ribeiro Corradi Freitas, Sandra Gesteira Coelho, Euler Rabelo, Ãngela Maria Quintão Lana, María Alexandra Torres Artunduaga, and Helton Mattana Saturnino

A review of case studies of knowledge management at four leading colombian organizations in market penetration, María de Los Ángeles Briceño Moreno and César Augusto Bernal Torres

Modern trolleybuses on bus rapid transit: Key for electrification of public transportation, Andrés Emiro Diez, Armando Bohórquez, Edder Velandia, Luis Fernando Roa, and Mauricio Restrepo

Use of information systems to determine productive, reproductive and population parameter in buffaloes at buffalo farm called la suiza located at the Magdalena medio in Colombia, Cortés Marcela García, L. C. Zuluaga G., and R. O. Ospina

Altitude and life tables of Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera Cucilidae) populations, Carolina García G., Jesús Escovar, Yesica Londoño, and Ligia Moncada A.

Training teachers for research: The scientific statute of educational research, José Darío Herrera-González

Learning styles, a correlational study in engineering students, José Arturo Lagos Sandoval and Pedro Nel Zapata

Artificial neural networks for electricity consumption forecasting considering climatic factors, Francisco David Moya Chaves

A fuzzy Q-learning approach to simulate intelligent traffic control, Juan C. Pacheco, J. F. Rossetti Rosaldo, and César H. Rodriguez

Comparison of SOC estimates and uncertainties from aerosol chemical composition and gas phase data in Atlanta, Jorge E. Pachon, Sivaraman Balachandran, Yongtao Hu, Rodney J. Weber, James A. Mulholland, and Armistead G. Russell

Modeling of a chaotic oscillating system employing free programs of computeralgebra systems, Myriam Rocío Pallares Muñoz and Wilson Rodríguez Calderón

Analysis of energy efficiency development in the German and Colombian food industries, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Energy use and energy efficiency development in the German and Colombian textile industries, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Investments and energy efficiency in Colombian manufacturing industries, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Identification and quantification of lactic acid bacteria by real-time PCR, Vienvilay Phandanouvong L., Liliana Betancourt L., and Fernando Rodriguez V.

Evaluation of maggot therapy applied to four clinical cases of animals in Bogota (Colombia), Mauricio Rey A., Adriana Castañeda A., Juliana González Z., Víctor Acero P., Alexandra Segura G., and Felio Jesús Bello

Lucilia sericata strain from Colombia: Experimental colonization, life tables and evaluation of two artifcial diets of the blowfy Lucilia sericata (Meigen) (Diptera: Calliphoridae), Bogotá, Colombia strain, Luis C. Rueda, Luis G. Ortega, Nidya A. Segura, Víctor M. Acero, and Felio Jesús Bello

Archivistic terminology in Colombia: Documentary and lexicometric research, Luis Fernando Sierra Escobar and Diana Carolina Giraldo

Relationship of body composition measures assessed in vivo ultrasound with carcass weight in Zebu culling cows, Juan C. Velásquez and Marcela Ríos

Preservation of vital documents: An overview of the current situation in bogota, Carlos Alberto Zapata

Submissions from 2009

Evaluating public health in some zoos in Colombia Phase 1: Designing and validating instruments, Angela N. Agudelo-Suárez and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

Genetic variability and heterogeneity of venezuelan equine encephalitis virus vector Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus (Diptera: Culicidae) populations of the Colombian Atlantic coast, based on microsatellite loci, F. Bello and V. Becerra

Determination of the fatty acid composition in selected beef and buffalo tissues, Liliana Betancourt L., C. A. Bustamante, and G. J. Díaz G.

Avian tuberculosis of zoonotic importance at a zoo on the Bogota andean plateau (sabana), Colombia, Angela Del Pilar Silva, Clara Inés Leon, Martha Inírida Guerrero, Rafael Neira, Leonardo Arias, and German Rodriguez

Study of primary cell cultures derived from lucilia sericata (Diptera: Calliphoridae), Lena Carolina Echeverry Prieto, Ángela Cristina Zapata Lesmes, Alexandra Segura, and Felio Jesús Bello

Physicochemical and micromorphological evaluation of asphalt modified with recycled materials, Ana Sofía Figueroa-Infante, Elsa Beatríz Fonseca-Santanilla, and Fredy Alberto Reyes-Lizcano

Associated risk factors to myiasis by Cochliomyia hominivorax on cattle farms in Puerto Boyacá (Colombia), Elkin Gustavo Forero-Becerra, Jesús Alfredo Cortés-Vecino, and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

Laboratory-level evaluation of the photocatalytic destruction of cyanides in galvanic effluents from industries in Colombia, Rosalina González Forero, Adier Barrios Cicery, and Juan Gil Donato

Laboratory-level degradation of the pesticide "attamix SB" by heterogeneous photocatalysis, Rosalina González Forero, Carmen Emilce Cáceres Mesa, and Katherine Marcela Gómez López

Essential directions for teaching animal welfare in South America, Carla F.M. Molento and Nestor Calderón

The education of librarians and archivists: An approach to prevailing pedagogical models, César Alveiro Montoya Agudelo and Luis Ernesto Pardo Rodríguez

Outbreak of urban rabies transmitted by dogs in Santa Marta, northern Colombia, Andrés Páez, Gloria Rey, Carlos Agudelo, Álvaro Dulce, Edgar Parra, Hernando Díaz-Granados, Damaris Heredia, and Luis Polo

Modeling of forced vibration phenomenon by making an electrical analogy with ANSYS finite element software, Myriam Rocío Pallares Muñoz and Wilson Rodríguez Calderon

Energy efficiency developments in the manufacturing industries of Germany and Colombia, 1998-2005, Clara Inés Pardo Martínez

Energy efficiency development in the German and Colombian energy intensive sectors: A non-parametric analysis, C. I. Pardo M

Using optimisation for calibrating finite element models for adobe walls, Wilson Rodríguez Calderón and Myriam Rocio Pallares Muñoz

Mathematical model of a falling film reactor for methyl ester sulfonation, Jess Alfonso Torres Ortega, Giovanni Morales Medina, Oscar Yesid Surez Palacios, and Francisco José Sánchez Castellanos

Falling film reactor for methyl ester sulphonation with gaseous sulphur trioxide, Jesús Alfonso Torres Ortega, Luís Alejandro Díaz Aldana, and Francisco José Sánchez Castellanos

Western blot, ELISA and indirect immunofluorescence test evaluation of leishmania (Leishmania) infantum-infected dogs, Jimmy J. Vargas-Duarte, Myriam C. López-Páez, Jesús E. Escovar-Castro, and José Fernández-Manrique

Determinats of innovation investment in the bogota service sector: Econometric estimates at the firm level, Jorge Andrés Vélez Ospina

Submissions from 2008

Equine herpesvirus 1: Characterisation of the first strain isolated in Colombia, A. Cano, C. M. Galosi, R. Martín Ocampos, G. C. Ramirez, V. J. Vera, Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez, and J. G: Chaparro

Characterization and software application for a probabilistic evaluation of harmonics in electric power distribution systems, Luis Hernando Correa and A. Torres

The problem of screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel, 1858), in Colombia, Elkin Forero B., Jesús Cortés V., and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

Analysis of arcing fault models, G. Idárraga Ospina, D. Cubillos, and L. Ibáñez

Morphology and cytochemistry of Aedes aegypti's cell cultures (Diptera: Culicidae) and susceptibility to Leishmania panamensis (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae), Alfonso Arturo Miranda H, Ladys Sarmiento, María Leonor Caldas M, Ángela Cristina Zapata Lesmes, and Felio Jesús Bello G

Estimation of genetic parameters to determine the birth and weaning weight in brahman bovines, Donicer Montes V., Oscar Vergara G., Esperanza Prieto M., and Andrés Rodríguez P.

Heavy metal determination and source emission identification in an industrial location of Bogotá-Colombia, Jorge Eduardo Pachón and Hugo Sarmiento Vela

Identification of secondary aerosol formation in Bogota: A preliminary study, Jorge E. Pachon, Hugo Sarmiento, Boris Galvis, and Armistead Russell

Modified Uterine Transplant Procedure in the Sheep Model, Edwin R. Ramirez, Doris K. Ramirez, Vincent T. Pillari, Humberto Vasquez, and Hugo A. Ramirez

Evaluation of the larval therapy in the healing process of infected wounds with Pseudomonas aeruginosa in rabbits, Mauricio Rey, Adriana Castañeda, Juliana González, Víctor Acero, Alexandra Segura, Cristina Zapata, María A. Gaona, Dora Ríos, and Felio Jesús Bello

Evaluation of the toxic effect from Eupatorium microphyllum L.F. (Asteraceae) extracts on Aedes aegypti larvae (Diptera: Culicidae) in laboratory conditions, Álvaro Rozo, Ángela Cristina Zapata Lesmes, and Felio Jesús Bello

Emerging diseases and species barrier: The risk of equine herpesvirus 9, Julián Ruiz-Saenz and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jimenez

Preliminary evaluation of the Culicoides biting nuisance (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae) in the province of Boyacá, Colombia, Erika Santamaría, Olga Lucia Cabrera, Yaneth Zipa, Cristina Ferro, Martha Liliana Ahumada, and Raúl Hernándo Pardo

Approach for determining a reliable set of spot frequencies to be used during a sweep frequency response analysis (SFRA) for power transformer diagnosis, Janneth Secue, Enrique E. Mombello, and Edgar Muela

Marketing services in public libraries: A tool which is used?, Ruth Helena Vallejo Sierra and Luis Roberto Téllez

Present situation of archivist education in Colombia, Carlos Alberto Zapata Cárdenas

Submissions from 2007

Accurate measurement of discharge in fluids using tracers, Alfredo Constain and Jairo Carvajal

A new class of flat-top windows for exposure assessment in magnetic field measurements, C. A. Cortés, E. Mombello, R. Dib, and G. Rattá

Induction of pectolytic enzymes by submerged fermentations from aspergllius niger and aspergillus foetidus strains for application in food processing, Renata Grebechova, Lena Prieto, and Camilo Rozo

Vertebral heart size in retired racing greyhounds, Liliana M. Marin, Jamie Brown, Chas McBrien, Ryan Baumwart, Valerie F. Samii, and Guillermo Couto C.

Comparative IFN-τ secretion after hatching by bovine blastocysts derived ex vivo and completely produced in vitro, J. A. Neira, D. Tainturier, R. M. L'Haridon, and J. Martal

Challenges in Bogota air quality: Policies and technology, Jorge E. Paction, Eduardo Behrentz, and Néstor Y. Rojas

Molecular epidemiology of rabies in Colombia 1994-2005 based on partial nucleoprotein gene sequences, Andrés Páez, Andrés Velasco-Villa, Gloria Rey, and Charles E. Rupprecht

A study of voltage sags in electric motors: Development of a sag generator, John J. Pérez, Camilo A. Cortés, and Álvaro Gómez

Zoonotic nematode contamination in recreational areas of Suba, Bogotá, Luis J. Polo-Terán, Jesús A. Cortés-Vecino, Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez, and Edgar Prieto

Kinetics of the pectolytic enzymes endo-polymethylgalacturonase and pectinesterase from Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus foetidus, Lena Prieto, Renata Grebechova, and Camilo Rozo

Role of sialic acid in bovine sperm-zona pellucida binding, José Guillermo Velásquez, Sebastián Canovas, Patricia Barajas, Julián Marcos, María Jiménez-Movilla, Ricardo Gutiérrez Gallego, José Ballesta, Manuel Avilés, and Pilar Coy

The librarianship curriculum in Colombia: Current analysis of the sector, Carlos Alberto Zapata Cárdenas

Trypanosoma rangeli infected mouse sera reactivity with Trypanosoma cruzi synthetic peptides, Claudio Zuniga, Ramon Vargas, María Teresa Palau, Felio Jesús Bello, José Antonio De Diego, and Ulises Vergara

Submissions from 2006

Interaction of leishmania (L.) chagasi with the lulo cell line in different environmental conditions, Víctor Acero, Edna Galeano, Martha Ayala, Jaime Castellanos, and Felio Jesús Bello

Seroprevalence of canine visceral leishmaniasis in sector 8 of Neiva and in four municipalities of Huila, Colombia, José Fernández, Felio Jesus Bello, Myriam Consuelo López, Ligia Inés Moncada, Jimmy Jolman Vargas, Martha Stella Ayala, Rubén Santiago Nicholls, and Carlos Alberto Lozano

Genetic structure of the genera Psorophora (Diptera: Culicidae) in Columbian and north American populations using isoenzymes and ITS2 sequences, M. Ruiz-Garcia, Felio Jesus Bello, D. Ramirez, and D. Alvarez

Submissions from 2005

Characteristics of new cell cultures derived from embryonic tissues of Aedes aegypti (Diptera: Culicidae), Ariosto Ardila Silva, Jesús Escovar, and Felio Jesús Bello

Colonization of Ochlerotatus taeniorhynchus from Riohacha, Colombia, Felio Jesus Bello, Gerson A. Herrera, Juan C. Sandoval, Jesús E. Escovar, Manuel Ruíz-García, and María del Pilar Corena

Experimental infection of Leishmania (L.) chagasi in a cell line derived from Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera:Psychodidae), Felio Jesus Bello, Astrid J. Mejía, María Del Pilar Corena, Martha Ayala, Ladys Sarmiento, Claudio Zuñiga, and María T. Palau

Effect of ensiled trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) intestines on productive traits of broiler chickens and the content of omega-3 fatty acids in liver, thighs and breast, Liliana Betancourt, G. J. Díaz, X. Aguilar, and J. Ríos

Kurloff cells in peripheral blood and organs of wild capybaras, Luis Fernando Jara, Jairo Mauricio Sánchez, Hernán Alvarado, and Fernando Nassar-Montoya

Virulence characteristics of Escherichia coli isolates obtained from broiler breeders with salpingitis, Maria A.R. Monroy, Terezinha Knöbl, José A. Bottino, Claudete S. Astolfi Ferreira, and Antonio J. Piantino Ferreira

Molecular epidemiology of rabies in northern Colombia 1994-2003. Evidence for human and fox rabies associated with dogs, A. Páez, C. Saad, C. Núñez, and J. Bóshell

Vegetation structure, composition, and species richness across a 56-year chronosequence of dry tropical forest on Providencia Island, Colombia, Jorge Ruiz, María C. Fandiño, and Robin L. Chazdon

Characterization of cell cultures derived from Lutzomyia spinicrassa (Diptera: Psychodidae) and their susceptibility to infection with Leishmania (Viannia) braziliensis, Angela Cristina Zapata Lesmes, Estrella Cardenas Castro, and Felio Jesús Bello

Submissions from 2004

Life tables and reproductive parameters of Lutzomyia spinicrassa (Diptera: Psychodidae) under laboratory conditions, Jesús Escovar, Felio Jesús Bello, Alberto Morales, Ligia Moncada, and Estrella Cárdenas

Submissions from 2003

Electricity Markets - The Latin American Case The Colombian Case, Fernando Gómez G.

Molecular epidemiology of rabies epizootics in Colombia, 1994-2002: evidence of human and canine rabies associated with chiroptera, Andrés Páez, Constanza Nuñez, Clemencia García, and Jorge Boshell

Molecular epidemiology of rabies epizootics in Colombia: Evidence for human and dog rabies associated with bats, Andrés Páez, Constanza Nũñez, Clemencia García, and Jorge Bóshell

Psorophora columbiae and Psorophora toltecum (Diptera: Culicidae) Colombian populations cannot be differentiated by isoenzymes, Manuel Ruiz-Garcia, Diana Ramirez, Felio Jesús Bello, and Diana Alvarez

Submissions from 2002

Comparative study of the biological utilization of β-carotene from synthetic and natural sources in rats, Cesar Mauricio Baracaldo Barrera, Camilo Rozo, and Lucía Castro De Navarro

Karyotypic comparison of five species of Lutzomyia (diptera: psychodidae) of the series townsendi and the verrucarum group in Colombia, Jesús Escovar, Cristina Ferro, Estrella Cárdenas, and Felio Jesús Bello

Submissions from 2001

A New Continuous Cell Line from the Mosquito Psorophora confinnis (Diptera: Culicidae) and its Susceptibility to Infections with Some Arboviruses, Felio Jesús Bello, Jaime A. Rodríguez, Jesús Escovar, Víctor A. Olano, Alberto Morales, Martha González, and Gloria Rey

Brain Cell Karyotype of the Phlebotomine Sand Fly Lutzomyia shannoni (Dyar) (Diptera: Psychodidae), María E. Jiménez, Felio Jesús Bello, Cristina Ferro, and Estrella Cárdenas

Quantitative and qualitative scintigraphic measurement of renal function in dogs exposed to toxic doses of gentamicin, Michaël Lora-Michiels, Kelly Anzola, Germán Amaya, and Mauricio Solano

La participación de las minorías nacionales dentro de sistemas educativos pre-modernos: El caso de los Garífunas de Guatemala, Carlos R. Ruano

Survival and adaptation of a released group of confiscated capuchin monkeys, C. E. Suarez, E. M. Gamboa, P. Claver, and F. Nassar-Montoya

Submissions from 2000

Establishment and Characterization of a New Continuous Cell Line from Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) and its Susceptibility to Infections with Arboviruses and Leishmania chagasi, Gloria J. Rey, Cristina Ferro, and Felio Jesús Bello

Complementary foods in Colombia, C. Rozo

Submissions from 1997

Establishment and Characterization of a Cell Line from the Mosquito Anopheles albimanus (Diptera: Culicidae), Felio Jesús Bello, Helena Brochero, Jorge Boshell, Victor Olano, and Gloria Rey