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Submissions from 2019


The cloacal microbiome changes with the breeding season in a wild bird, C. Escallón, L. K. Belden, and I. T. Moore

Motivation and E-Learning English as a foreign language: A qualitative study, Fredy Geovanni Escobar Fandiño, Luz Dary Muñoz, and Ángela Juliette Silva Velandia

Genotype identification of Staphylococcus with methicillin-resistant phenotype isolated from human, animal and environmental samples, Luis José Espejo, Karen Lorena Rodríguez, Martha Fabiola Rodríguez, and Arlen Patricia Gómez Ramírez

Six-minute walk test does not affect blood pressure in healthy dogs at high altitude, Daniel Espinel-Cohen, Natalia Ortiz-Rodriguez, and Pedro Vargas-Pinto

An Approach for Nodal Admittance Matrix Real-Time Estimation on DC Microgrids, Alejandro Garcés and Luis Rodriguez-Garcia

Optimal control tuning of a VSC converter for microgrid applications, Carlos Garcia-Ceballos, Juan Mora-Florez, Sandra Perez-Londono, and Luis Rodriguez-Garcia

Upstream refugia and dispersal ability may override benthic-community responses to high-Andean streams deforestation, Juan David González-Trujillo, Danielle K. Petsch, Gabriela Córdoba-Ariza, Katterine Rincón-Palau, Jhon Ch Donato-Rondon, María Inés Castro-Rebolledo, and Sergi Sabater

Alterations of sensitivity to contrast and stereopsis in workers exposed to aromatic hydrocarbons, Daniela Grajales Herrera, Óscar Eduardo Rodríguez Guzmán, and Ingrid Astrid Jiménez Barbosa

Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Particulate Material Concentrations in Bogota: A Year of Operation of an Independent Network, Johan Sebastian Guzman, Heidy Tatiana Hernandez, Juliane Michelle Mora, Jorge E. Pachón, and Sebastian Vanegas

Reflections and perspectives on the uses of social networks in education. A case study in quito-Ecuador, Andrés Hermann-Acosta, Diego E. Apolo, and Molano-Camargo

Proposal for the simulation of productive systems analyzed through the third-order cybernetics model, Oscar Javier Herrera Ochoa, Andrés Felipe Forero Ortiz, Paula Andrea Bedoya Porez, and Nelsy Yurany Obando Rozo

Third order cybernetics applied to a dairy distribution system in a company in Bogota through an optimization model, Oscar J. Herrera, Julio A. López, and Astrid V. Naranjo

Research on archival science, library science and information science in Colombia: 2007-2017, Orlanda Jaramillo and Johann Pirela Morillo

Ocular surface and tear film changes in workers exposed to organic solvents used in the dry-cleaning industry, Ingrid Astrid Jiménez Barbosa, Martha Fabiola Rodríguez Alvarez, Gerardo Andrés Dussan Torres, and Sieu K. Khuu

Persistence in the imitation of innovations in products in the manufacturing industry of Colombia, Jorge Luis Juliao-Rossi and Julia Andrea Pineda Acero

To persist or not?: Determinants of product innovation persistence of Colombian manufacturing firms, Jorge Juliao-Rossi, Jana Schmutzler, and Clemente Forero-Pineda

Computational platform for the assisted diagnosis of patients with Aphasia, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Andrés Iván Cruz, and Efrain Bernal-Alzate

Strategic leadership and negotiation and their influence on the perception of prestige in small businesses, Jorge Armando López-Lemus, María Teresa De la Garza Carranza, and María Alicia Zavala Berbena

The pedagogical practicum journey towards becoming an english language teacher, Edgar Lucero and Katherin Roncancio-Castellanos

Critical ontology of the training practices in medicine and nursing, Jorge Eliécer Martínez-Posada, Nelly Hernández-Molina, and Luz Mery Hernández-Molina

Determination of acid-base status in working mules, Valeria Trujillo Martínez, Carlos Salazar Latorre, and Claudia Valderrama Martínez

Comparison of water quality between two andean rivers by using the BMWP/COL. and ABI. Indices, Yaneth Meneses-Campo, María Isabel Castro-Rebolledo, and Ángela María Jaramillo-Londoño

Air pollution by resuspended particulate matter: conditioning physical factors in urban areas, Paula Montes-Munoz, Carlos Zafra-Mejia, and Jorge Pachon-Quinche

Atmospheric contamination by resuspended particulate matter: Conditioning physical factors in urban areas, Paula Montes-Munoz, Carlos Zafra-Mejia, and Jorge Pachon-Quinche

Tales of testosterone: Advancing our understanding of environmental endocrinology through studies of neotropical birds, I. T. Moore, B. J. Vernasco, C. Escallón, T. W. Small, T. B. Ryder, and B. M. Horton

Personal exposure to air pollutants in a Bus Rapid Transit System: Impact of fleet age and emission standard, R. Morales Betancourt, B. Galvis, J. M. Rincón-Riveros, M. A. Rincón-Caro, A. Rodriguez-Valencia, and O. L. Sarmiento

Social reintegration of ex-combatants in two peace communities in Colombia, Cécile Mouly, Esperanza Hernández Delgado, and Jaime Giménez

Automatic Selection of Frequency Bands for Electroencephalographic Source Localization, Pablo Andres Munoz, Eduardo Giraldo, Maximiliano Bueno-López, and Marta Molinas

Performance of Tithonia diversifolia under tropical humid forest conditions, Alexander Navas Panadero and Víctor Montaña

Attributes of Police Leadership, Juan Carlos Nieto Aldana, Julio César Acosta-Prado, and Jesús María Cárdenas beltrán

Is regional integration a vehicle for convergence? The case of Mercosur, 1990-2014, Paula Andrea Nieto Alemán and Jaime Alberto Rendón Acevedo

Elements for a model on tutorial accompaniment in doctoral training, Amparo Novoa Palacios and Johann Pirela Morillo

Education on democracy, Amparo Novoa Palacios, Johann Pirela Morillo, and Alicia Inciarte González

Alteration of the reproductive indicators by the presence of Leptospira spp. in sows of swine farms, María Catalina Ospina-Pinto, Manuel Rincón-Pardo, Diego Soler-Tovar, and Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez

Case report: Canine splenic blastomycosis, Andrés Felipe Palacios, Ricardo Piñeros, Paola Barato, and Frank Suárez

Fodder banks of Moringa oleifera under tropical humid forest conditions, Alexander Navas Panadero

Assessment of human health costs associated with particulate material (PM2.5) in Bogotá, Alejandro Parra Saad, Jorge Eduardo Pachón Quinche, Beatriz Elena Ortíz Gutiérrez, Juan Sebastián Montealegre Ruíz, and Johan Sebastián Vanegas Garcia

Renewable energy use strategies focused on urban planning and environmental conditions of homes in Bogotá, Alejandro Parra Saad, Camilo Andrés Vargas Teranova, Javier Mauricio Gonzales Dïaz, and Fabian Mauricio León Vargas

An alternative method for the comparative study of coronary vessels: Repletion and diaphanization experience in seven animal models, Juan Daniel Pedraza Rodriguez, Cesar Muñetón, Fernando Melo, and Roberto Javier Rueda-Esteban

Mechanical and environmental assessment of the use of fly ash with alkaline activation as an alternative to total replacement of cement in the manufacture of prefabricated tablets, Laura C. Prieto, Andrés A. Montaño, Alejandro Parra, and Julián D. Puerto-Suárez

When size matters: Trends in innovation and patents in latin american universities, Luis Fernando Ramirez-Hernandez and Jairo Guillermo Isaza-Castro

A new database of on-road vehicle emission factors for Colombia: A case study of bogota, Jhonathan Ramirez, Jorge E. Pachon, Óscar M. Casas, and Sandro F. González

Molecular characteristics and replication mechanism of dengue, zika and chikungunya arboviruses, and their treatments with natural extracts from plants: An updated review, Anny Karely Rodriguez, Ana Luisa Muñoz, Nidya Alexandra Segura, Héctor Rafael Rangel, and Felio Bello

Implementation of a Non-linear Fuzzy Takagi-Sugeno Controller Applied to a Mobile Inverted Pendulum, C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Miguel F. Arevalo-Castiblanco, and Alvaro A. Patiño-Forero

Collision Detector for Industrial Robot Manipulators, C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Alvaro A. Patiño-Forero, and G. A. Camacho-Munoz

An optimization-based approach for load modelling dependent voltage stability analysis, L. Rodriguez-Garcia, S. Perez-Londono, and J. Mora-Florez

Classification of Power Quality Disturbances using Hilbert Huang Transform and a Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network Model, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, John Felipe Sotomonte, Jenny Cifuentes, and Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez

Contraction analysis for a MMC converter, Fabian Salazar-Caceres, Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez, and Santiago Sanchez

Hybrid Technique for the Analysis of Non-Linear and Non-Stationary Signals focused on Power Quality, Mauricio Sanabria-Villamizar, Maximiliano Bueno-López, Marta Molinas, and Efrain Bernal

Comparative assessment of the replication efficiency of dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya arboviruses in some insect and mammalian cell lines, Nidya Alexandra Segura Guerrero and Felio Jesús Bello García

The biographical approach of Duccio Demetrio: Two fundamental aspects, Jose María Siciliani, Hernando Barrios Tao, and Joa Cuesta Rivas

DATNA: Disregarded alternatives to a negotiated agreement, a proposal for negotiation theories, Félix O. Socorro, Giovanni E. Reyes, and Rodrigo A. Trujillo

Modeling of the hydrological performance of Green roofs in tropical Andean cities using SWMM, Jeniffer Tabares Catimay, Laura Marely Gallo Martínez, and Néstor Alonso Mancipe Muñoz

Insurgents or patriots: Public opinion, freedom of the press and political “opposition” in the press of La Gran Colombia (1821-1823), Leidy Jazmín Torres Cendales

Evaluation of viral agents in wild birds of the middle-east of Colombia, Laura Vargas-Castillo, Diego Soler-Tovar, Arlen Patricia Gómez, Andrés Felipe Santander, Efraín Benavides, and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

The six-minute walking test in dogs at high altitude, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Johanna Rincón, Sebastián Ruiz, Lina Tapasco, Adriana Pedraza-Toscano, and Piero Vargas-Pinto

Effects of the cooperative exporters of coffee in the growth of the solidarity economy in Colombia, Amanda Vargas Prieto and Diana Carolina Castañeda Guzmán

Comparison between electric vehicle technology and gasoline in regular operation. Pilot experience in public service, E. A. Velandia Durán, J. P. Rojas Suárez, Abril Orjuela, and G. C. Prada Botia

Effect of processing technology and sugarcane varieties on the quality properties of unrefined non-centrifugal sugar, Tatiana Vera-Gutiérrez, María Cristina García-Muñoz, Ángela María Otálvaro-Alvarez, and Oscar Mendieta-Menjura

Intrafollicular paraoxonase 1 activity and the steroidogenic potential of the first post-partum dominant follicle in dairy cows, José Victor Vieira Isola, Diego Andrés Velasco Acosta, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, Joao Alveiro Alvarado Rincón, Pedro Augusto Silva Silveira, Marcio Nunes Corrêa, and Augusto Schneider

One health. Expectations and demands of veterinary medicine, Luis C. Villamil Jiménez

Computer algorithm can match physicians' decisions about blood transfusions, Yuanyuan Yao, Jenny Cifuentes, Bin Zheng, and Min Yan

Effects of institutional work on the emergence and importance of organizations in the huila sub-region area in colombia: An agent-based modeling approach, Cristian Armando Yepes-Lugo

Submissions from 2018

Policies of zoonosis in Colombia: From health code to environmental health, Ángela N. Agudelo-Suárez and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

Identification of a non-linear model type inverted rotary pendulum, Miguel F. Arevalo-Castiblanco, Cerodriguez H. Rodriguez-Garavito, and Alvaro A. Patino-Forero

LQR and SMC control applied to pendular platforms, Miguel F. Arévalo-Castiblanco, C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Álvaro A. Patiño-Forero, and José F. Salazar-Cáceres

Use of Recyclable Materials, Alternative for Hydraulics, Luis Efren Ayala Rojas, Ivon David Alvis Colmenares, and Nicolos Barbetti Moncayo

Leptospirosis in a sabueso fino Colombiano in the municipality of florencia caquetá - Clinical aspects, Luz Danie Bautista Suárez, Adriana Yasmin Silva Losada, Edwin Torres Ciceri, Diego Fernando Cuellar Prada, and Andrés Felipe Valencia Hernández

Reactive power fluctuations smoothing in optimal control of grid-connected PV systems, A. Efrain Bernal, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, and Jian Xie

Maternal supply of methionine during late pregnancy is associated with changes in immune function and abundance of microRNA and mRNA in Holstein calf polymorphonuclear leukocytes, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, A. S. Alharthi, Z. Zhou, D. Luchini, and J. J. Loor

Analysis of neural activity from EEG data based on EMD frequency bands, Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez, Eduardo Giraldo, and Marta Molinas

Analysis of epileptic activity based on brain mapping of EEG adaptive time-frequency decomposition, Maximiliano Bueno-López, Pablo A. Muñoz-Gutiérrez, Eduardo Giraldo, and Marta Molinas

Editorial: Zika Virus research, Rubén Bueno-Marí, Juan Carlos Saiz, Oscar D. Salomón, Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez, Jorge Heukelbach, Carlos H. Alencar, Paul K. Armstrong, Paulo H. Rosado-de-Castro, and Pedro M. Pimentel-Coelho

Academia and the World Brain: The role of academia in society considered as a higher-order cognitive system, German Ulises Bula and Sebastián Alejandro González

Heuristic Approach for the Multiple Bin-Size Bin Packing Problem, Guillermo Alberto Camacho, David Alvarez, and Daniel Cuellar

Modelling the Kinematic Properties of an Industrial Manipulator in Packing Applications, Guillermo A. Camacho M., César H. Rodriguez G., and David Álvarez-Martínez

Understanding the Shinyei PPD24NS low-cost dust sensor, Michaël Canu, Boris Galvis, Ricardo Morales, Omar Ramírez, and Malika Madelin

Characteristics of puberty in hair lambs and their crosses in Colombia in low altitude conditions, Liliana Chacón J., Harvey Harvey Lozano M., Jaumer Orozco C., and Ariosto Ardila Silva

Gesture segmentation and classification using affine speed and energy, Jenny Cifuentes, Minh Tu Pham, Pierre Boulanger, Richard Moreau, and Flavio Prieto

Towards a classification of surgical skills using affine velocity, Jenny Cifuentes, Minh Tu Pham, Pierre Boulanger, Richard Moreau, and Flavio Prieto

Behavioral and physiological response of male callisphyris apicicornis (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) to virgin con-specific females’ extracts, Tomislav Curkovic, Dolly Rodríguez, Amanda Huerta, Jan Bergmann, and Ricardo Ceballos

2-Alkyl-3-methoxypyrazines are potent attractants of florivorous scarabs (Melolonthidae, Cyclocephalini) associated with economically exploitable Neotropical palms (Arecaceae), Artur Campos Dália Maia, Geanne Karla Novais Santos, Eduardo Gomes Gonçalves, Daniela María do Amaral Ferraz Navarro, and Luis Alberto Nuñez-Avellaneda

Calculation of Leakage Reactance in Transformers with Constructive Deformations in Low Voltage Foil Windings, Guillermo A. Diaz F., Enrique Esteban Mombello, and Guillermo D. Guidi Venerdini

Semianalytic integral method for the fast solution of circulating currents in power transformers, Guillermo A. Díaz Flórez, Enrique E. Mombello, and Geovanny A. Marulanda


Sarconesin: Sarconesiopsis magellanica Blowfly Larval Excretions and Secretions With Antibacterial Properties, Andrea Díaz-Roa, Manuel A. Patarroyo, Felio J. Bello, and Pedro I. Da Silva

Diatom assemblages associated with turtle carapaces in the neotropical region, Jhon Ch Donato-Rondón, Juan David González-Trujillo, Buendy Romero, and María Ines Castro-Rebolledo

NMR metabolomics of cerebrospinal fluid differentiates inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system, Caitlin D. French, Rodney E. Willoughby, Amy Pan, Susan J. Wong, John F. Foley, Joseph Wheat L., Josefina Fernandez, Rafael Encarnacion, Joanne M. Ondrush, Naaz Fatteh, Andres Paez, Dan David, Waleed Javaid, Ioana G. Amzuta, Anne M. Neilan, Gregory K. Robbins, Andrew M. Brunner, William T. Hu, Darya O. Mishchuk, and Carolyn M. Slupsky

Time-Frequency analysis for nonlinear and non-stationary signals using HHT: A mode mixing separation technique, Maria Victoria Gasca Segura, Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez, Marta Molinas, and Olav Bjarte Fosso

Schistosomus reflexus in a bovine fetus in Colombia: A case report, Cesar Augusto Gómez Velásquez, Gabriel Andrés Pinilla Peña, and Juan David Córdoba Parra

Times of anger: Violence, war and human joys, Sebastián González Montero

Incidence of the financial and capital markets in business and financial progress for enterprises in the manufacturing sector in Colombia - Fabricato Case Study, José Armando Hernández Bernal, Luis Guillermo Muñoz Angulo, and Eliana Susana Arévalo Moreno

Flavonoids: Potential Therapeutic Agents by Their Antioxidant Capacity, Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez, Ludy C. Pabón Baquero, and Harold Rodríguez Larrota

Comparison of indirect arterial blood pressure values measured in five anatomical sites in awake dogs, Valentina Jiménez-Ballén and Pedro Vargas-Pinto

Gender and Race Disparities in Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors among New York City Adults: New York City Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NYC HANES) 2013–2014, Rania Kanchi, Sharon E. Perlman, Claudia Chernov, Winfred Wu, Bahman P. Tabaei, Chau Trinh-Shevrin, Nadia Islam, Azizi Seixas, Jesica Rodriguez-Lopez, and Lorna E. Thorpe

Characteristics of the Colombian solidarity economy. Approaches to influential currents in Colombia, Ricardo Dávila Ladrón de Guevara, Amanda Vargas Prieto, Lina Blanco, Edgar Roa, Luz Stella Cáceres, and Luis Alfredo Vargas

Educational robotics: A teaching and learning experience in children with disorders of the autistic spectrum, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Jorge Eliecer Rangel, Jose Luis Rubiano, Chiara Seidel Schlenker, and Jenny Alexandra Cifuentes

Evaluating the anti-leishmania activity of Lucilia sericata and Sarconesiopsis magellanica blowfly larval excretions/secretions in an in vitro model, Mayra Juliana Laverde-Paz, María Clara Echeverry, Manuel Alfonso Patarroyo, and Felio Jesús Bello

Divergence excess, Alejandro León and Sandra Milena Medrano

Enhancing customer knowledge: the role of banks in financial well-being, Mauricio Losada-Otalora, Carlos Augusto Valencia Garcés, Jorge Juliao-Rossi, Pedro Mario Donado, and Efraín Ramírez F

Serologic survey for selected viral and bacterial swine pathogens in colombian collared peccaries (Pecari tajacu) and feral pigs (sus scrofa), Olga L. Montenegro, Nestor Roncancio, Diego Soler-Tovar, Jimena Cortés-Duque, Jorge Contreras-Herrera, Sandra Sabogal, Luz Dary Acevedo, and Pedro Enrique Navas-Suárez