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Submissions from 2018

Issues associated with the implementation of wind energy power generation in isolated and non-interconnected rural areas – Case study, Francisco D. Moya Ch., Efrain Bernal, Jairo Montoya, José Luis Rubiano, Fabián Salazar, and Andres Garzon

Localization of active brain sources from EEG signals using empirical mode decomposition: a comparative study, Pablo Andrés Muñoz-Gutiérrez, Eduardo Giraldo, Maximiliano Bueno-López, and Marta Molinas

Air quality modeling in Bogotá Colombia using local emissions and natural mitigation factor adjustment for re-suspended particulate matter, Robert Nedbor-Gross, Barron H. Henderson, María Paula Pérez-Peña, and Jorge E. Pachón

Quality in the supply of oncological medicines, a dynamic analysis, María Camila Otálora-Ott, Juan Sebastián Tocasuche-Guío, and Juan Pablo Zamora-Aguas

Microwave extraction of champa (Campomanesia lineatifolia Ruiz & Pav.) fruit: Alternative to obtain natural antioxidants, Ángela María Otalvaro-Álvarez, Ludy Cristina Pabón-Baquero, Margarita Rosa Rendón-Fernández, and María Patricia Chaparro-González

Development and evaluation of a comprehensive atmospheric emission inventory for air quality modeling in the megacity of Bogotá, Jorge E. Pachón, Boris Galvis, Oscar Lombana, Luis Gabriel Carmona, Sandra Fajardo, Alexander Rincón, Sandra Meneses, Rafael Chaparro, Robert Nedbor-Gross, and Barron Henderson

Zoonotic vaccinia in colombia: Cumulative evidence of the emergence of poxviruses in the world, Andrés Páez-Martínez, Katherine Laiton-Donato, and José A. Usme-Ciro

Ethical leadership a perspective in public universities of the state zulia, Johann Pirela Morillo, Yamely Margarita Almarza Franco, and Nelson Javier Pulido Daza

Social projection in information systems, library and archival science. Balance and proposal for its management, Johann Pirela Morillo, Yamely Margarita Almarza Franco, and Nelson Javier Pulido Daza

Observatory proposal on professional training in information sciences for ibero-america and the caribbean, Johann Enrique Pirela Morillo, Yamely Margarita Almarza Franco, and Nelson Javier Pulido Daza

Curricular program update information and documentation systems of la salle´s university. Colombia, Johann Pirela Morillo and Nelson Javier Pulido Daza

Postgraduate trends on knowledge management in Ibero-America, Johann Pirela Morillo, Irene Sofía Romero Otero, María Janneth Álvarez Álvarez, and Yamely Margarita Almarza Franco

Generating damping modification factors after artificial inputs in scenarios of local records scarcity, Carlos M. Piscal A and Francisco López-Almansa

Proposal for the future design code for seismic isolation of buildings in Colombia, Carlos Mario Piscal-Arévalo and Francisco López-Almansa

Simulation of sizing of energy storage for off-grid decentralized wastewater treatment units: A case study in the Netherlands, Diego F. Quintero Pulido, Carlos M. Barreto, Marnix V. Ten Kortenaar, Roberto R. Balda, Johann L. Hurink, and J. M. Smit Gerard

Ecohydraulic formulation to assess self-purification capacity of mountain rivers, María Fernanda Riaño-Neira, Lusby Yurey Vigoya-Rodríguez, Néstor Alfonso Mancipe-Muñoz, and Mayerling Sanabria-Buitrago

3D Object Pose Estimation for Robotic Packing Applications, C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Guillermo Camacho-Munoz, David Álvarez-Martínez, Karol Viviana Cardenas, David Mateo Rojas, and Andrés Grimaldos

Antioxidant activity of ethanolic extracts and alkaloid fractions from seeds of three species of annona, Harold Rodríguez Larrota and Ludy Cristina Pabón Baquero

Assessing financial impacts of subclinical mastitis on Colombian Dairy Farms, Jaime Romero, Efraín Benavides, and Carlos Meza

LQR control for superconducting magnetic energy storage on distribution networks using feedback linearization, Fabian Salazar-Caceres, Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez, Oscar Danilo Montoya, and Alejandro Garces

Consensus for multi-agent nonlinear systems: A Carleman approximation approach, Fabian Salazar-Caceres, Duvan Tellez-Castro, and Eduardo Mojica-Nava

Change in Diabetes Prevalence and Control among New York City Adults: NYC Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys 2004–2014, Lorna E. Thorpe, Rania Kanchi, Shadi Chamany, Jesica S. Rodriguez-Lopez, Claudia Chernov, Amy Freeman, and Sharon E. Perlman

Motion control of a mobile robot using kinect sensor, Jose Antonio Tumialan Borja, Efrain Bernal Alzate, and Daniel Leonardo Marino Lizarazo

Multinomial regression model for the analysis of water and sanitation services coverage in rural Latin American setting, Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells and María Alejandra Caicedo Londoño

Population variation of Rhodnius prolixus (Reduviidae: Triatominae) in Attalea butyracea (arecaceae) in the Colombian Orinoquia region, Plutarco Urbano, Eduwin Hincapié, Víctor Manuel Angulo, Lyda Esteban, and Luis Alberto Núñez-Avellaneda

Aspects that shape the professional identity of the colombian librarian, Ruth Helena Vallejo

Effect of training on agility at high altitude in border collie dogs on some electrocardiographic variables: Preliminary analysis, Piero Vargas-Pinto, Vladimir Galindo-Zamora, Adriana Pedraza-Toscano, and Pedro Vargas-Pinto

Solving the two-dimensional knapsack problem considering cutting-time and emission of particulate matter in the metalworking industry, Paula A. Velasco Carvajal, Guillermo Alberto Camacho Munoz, Daniel Cuellar Usaquen, and David Alvarez-Martinez

Submissions from 2017

Public policies of zoonoses in Colombia, 1975-2014. An approach from political science and public health, Angela N. Agudelo-Suárez and Luis C. Villamil-Jiménez

The afghan war model and regional stability: The united states’ military intervention strategy in Syria and Iraq, Tatiana Melo Alvarado and Cristian Yepes Lugo

Evaluation of fire weather forecasts using PM2.5 sensitivity analysis, Sivaraman Balachandran, Karsten Baumann, Jorge E. Pachon, James A. Mulholland, and Armistead G. Russell

High genetic structure and low mitochondrial diversity in bottlenose dolphins of the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama: A population at risk?, Dalia C. Barragán-Barrera, Laura J. May-Collado, Gabriela Tezanos-Pinto, Valentina Islas-Villanueva, Camilo A. Correa-Cárdenas, and Susana Caballero

Genetic parameters associated with the residual variance for milk yield in dual-purpose buffaloes in Colombia, D. C. Barrera-Rivera, M. F. Cerón-Muñoz, and Juan David Corrales Álvarez

Education programs in post-conflict environments: A review from Liberia, Sierra Leone, and South Africa, Hernando Barrios-Tao, José María Siciliani-Barraza, and Bibiana Bonilla-Barrios

Fuzzy-Based Reactive Power Control for Smart PV Inverters in LV Distribution Systems, Efrain Bernal A., Maximiliano Bueno-López, and Fabian Salazar-Caceres

Maternal supplementation with rumen-protected methionine increases prepartal plasma methionine concentration and alters hepatic mRNA abundance of 1-carbon, methionine, and transsulfuration pathways in neonatal Holstein calves, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, Z. Zhou, D. Luchini, M. N. Corrêa, and J. J. Loor

Modeling of the lactation curve for the main breed types of dairy goats using non-linear models, Y. A. Blandón, K. T. Henao, L. G. González Herrera, H. Cardona Cadavid, Juan David Corrales Álvarez, and S. J. Calvo

Proposal of a portfolio of services and activities for peacebuilding from the Libraries of the University of La Salle (Bogota, Colombia), Martha Patricia Bolaños Tinjaca and Johann Enrique Pirela Morillo

Spatial analysis of diseases incidence in different cocoa genotypes (Theobroma cacao L.) in Yopal (Casanare), Colombia, Néstor Julián Cárdenas Pardo, Aquiles Darghan, Miguel Dario Sosa Rico, and Alia Rodriguez

Prediction of milk fat, protein and yield from the morning or afternoon milking in grazing holstein cows, M. F. Cerón-Muñoz, Juan David Corrales Álvarez, and J. P. Ramírez Arias

Surgical gesture classification using Dynamic Time Warping and affine velocity, Jenny Cifuentes, Minh Tu Pham, Richard Moreau, Flavio Prieto, and Pierre Boulanger

Reduced scenario methodology for treating uncertainty in transmission expansion with large wind power penetration, Carlos Adrian Correa-Florez, Alejandro Sánchez Salcedo, and Geovanny Marulanda

Multi-objective transmission expansion planning considering uncertainty in wind power and demand, Carlos Adrian Correa-Florez, Alejandro Sánchez Salcedo, and Andrés Felipe Panesso

Comparison of losses of a transformer for a 12 pulse rectifier using cosimulation and the procedure stablished in IEEE 57.110 standard, Luis Hernando Correa S., Guillermo Andrés Díaz F., and Julián E. Eslava A.

About engineering programs in Colombia, Carlos R. Costa Posada

Preliminary notes: Creol and literary translation in the Greater Caribbean, Mónica María Del Valle Idárraga

Novel technique for the calculation of eddy current losses and Lorentz forces in foil winding transformers, Guillermo A. Díaz Flórez, Enrique E. Mombello, and Stephan Voss


Effect of the Use of Fluazuron for Control of Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) Microplus in Cattle, O. Efraín Benavides, C. Pablo Jiménez, H. Oscar Betancur, G. V. Gabriel Vélez, P. Natalia Polanco, and P. Jorge Morales

Parking lot definition in an urban area. Methodological proposal, Diego A. Escobar, Carlos A. Moncada, and Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells

Urban coverage analysis of the primary activity nodes by use of a territorial accessibility study in Quibdó (Colombia), Diego A. Escobar, Carlos Felipe Urazán, and Carlos A. Moncada

Teacher training and development in foreign languages: A documentary review of models, perspectives and policies, Yamith José Fandiño-Parra

Racial and ethnic subgroup disparities in hypertension prevalence, New York City health and nutrition examination survey, 2013-2014, Kezhen Fei, Jesica S. Rodriguez-Lopez, Marcel Ramos, Nadia Islam, Chau Trinh-Shevrin, Stella S. Yi, Claudia Chernov, Sharon E. Perlman, and Lorna E. Thorpe

Association between seropositivity to bvd virus, leptospira interrogans and neospora caninum and abortions in small holder farms in the dairy belt of Boyacá, Colombia, Giovanni Moreno Figueredo, Efraín Benavides Ortíz, Bernardo Guerrero, and Anastasia Cruz Carrillo

Assessment of Pasteurella multocida a lipopolysaccharide, as an Adhesin in an in vitro model of rabbit respiratory epithelium, Carolina Gallego, Stefany Romero, Paula Esquinas, Pilar Patiño, Nhora Martínez, and Carlos Iregui

Current-sensorless predictive control for DC-DC converters, Eduard Galvis, Carlos Andrés Torres-Pinzon, Cristian Velandia, and Maximiliano Bueno-Lopez

Teaching entrepreneurship: Towards a proposal of an educational program in third level (tertiary) education, Jorge Alberto Gámez Gutiérrez and Jossie Esteban Garzón Baquero

New cross-proposal entrepreneurship and innovation in educational programs in third level (tertiary) education, Jorge Gámez Gutiérrez and Jossie Esteban Garzón Baquero

Technical relationship between road safety, accidentality and geometric design. Case study: Route Manizales - Neira (Colombia), María Camila Gómez, Diego Alexander Escobar, and Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells

Presence of fungi associated with bacteria in an equine guttural pouch in Florencia - Caqueta, Jairo Andrés González Agudelo, Libia Andrea Mendez Cardozo, Lizeth Vanessa Franco Mejia, Diana Cristina Sánchez Arevalo, and Andrés Felipe Valencia Hernández

Pollination ecology of syagrus smithii (Arecaceae), a palm with cantharophily from Colombian Amazon, Nilson Y. Guerrero-Olaya and Luis A. Núñez-Avellaneda

Genetic and environmental effects on the lactation curve of dairy goats in the tropics, K. T. Henao, Y. A. Blandón, L. G. González-Herrera, H. Cardona-Cadavid, Juan David Corrales Álvarez, and Samir Julian Calvo Cardona

Implications of urban and rural agricultural practices on the transmission of leptospirosis, Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez, A. Patricia Gómez, and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

Ultrasonographic determination of the prevalence of alterations of the reproductive tract of bovine females older than 3 years in Florencia, Valencia Hernández and Andrés Felipe

Discrimination and labor exclusion in the lgbt community: A case of study in chapinero district, Bogota Colombia, Jorge Jiménez-Castaño, Marleny Cardona-Acevedo, and María del Pilar Sánchez-Muñoz

Validación del cuestionario de intención emprendedora en una muestra de estudiantes universitarios de Colombia, Ana Laguía, Juan Antonio Moriano, Fernando Molero, and Jorge Alberto Gámez

Monitoring platform for the consumption of electricity in a home, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Diego Pérez Lara, Maximiliano Bueno-López, and Geovanny Marulanda García

Flowering phenology and flower visitors of the Macana Palm Wettinia kalbreyeri (Arecaceae) in an Andean montane forest, Carlos E. Lara, María C. Díez, Zoraida Restrepo, Luis Alberto Núñez, and Flavio Moreno

Synergistic Activity Between S-Layer Protein and Spore–Crystal Preparations from Lysinibacillus sphaericus Against Culex quinquefasciatus Larvae, Lucía C. Lozano and Jenny Dussán

ATenDerAH: A Videogame to Support e-Learning Students with ADHD, Laura Mancera, Silvia Baldiris, Ramon Fabregat, Sergio Gomez, and Carolina Mejia

Production of reducing sugars from lignocellulosic Kikuyu grass residues by hydrolysis using subcritical water in batch and semibatch reactors, Paola Andrea Marulanda-Buitrago and Victor Fernando Marulanda-Cardona

Inclusive Learner Model for Adaptive Recommendations in Virtual Education, Carolina Mejia, Sergio Gomez, Laura Mancera, and Sibylle Taveneau

Beginner teacher training in school guidance: A concern from the past and the present, José Luis Meza Rueda

Floral scent chemistry and pollination in the Neotropical aroid genus Xanthosoma (Araceae), Paulo Milet-Pinheiro, Eduardo Gomes Gonçalves, Daniela María do Amaral Ferraz Navarro, Luis Alberto Nuñez-Avellaneda, and Artur Campos Dália Maia


Model for economic growth and public spending focused on security: The colombian military strategy approach (2002-2009), Fernando Chavarro Miranda, Manfred Grautoff Laverde, and Julián David Riaño Cruz

Neonatal complications associated to assisted reproductive techniques at the Hospital Español of Mexico, Alejandro Moguel-Hernández, Pablo Tietzsch-Escalante, José Iglesias-Leboreiro, Isabel Bernárdez-Zapata, José Luis Ramírez-Haua, and Ariela Braverman-Bronstein

Relationship between pre-partum body condition score changes, acute phase proteins and energy metabolism markers during the peripartum period in dairy cows, Paula Montagner, Ana Rita Tavares Krause, Elizabeth Schwegler, Marina Menoncin Weschenfelder, Andressa Stein Maffi, Eduardo Gularte Xavier, Augusto Schneider, Rubens Alves Pereira, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, Eduardo Schmitt, Cássio Cassal Brauner, Francisco Augusto Burkert del Pino, and Marcio Nunes Corrêa

Exposure to fine particulate, black carbon, and particle number concentration in transportation microenvironments, R. Morales Betancourt, B. Galvis, S. Balachandran, J. P. Ramos-Bonilla, O. L. Sarmiento, S. M. Gallo-Murcia, and Y. Contreras

Comparing standard to feature-based meteorological model evaluation techniques in Bogotá, Colombia, Robert Nedbor-Gross, Barron H. Henderson, Justin R. Davis, Jorge E. Pachón, Alexander Rincón, Oscar J. Guerrero, and Freddy Grajales

Bee pollination in Syagrus orinocensis (Arecaceae) in the Colombian orinoquia, Luis Alberto Nuñez Avellaneda and Javier Isnardo Carreño

The role of rodents in the transmission of Leptospira spp. In swine farms, Catalina Ospina-Pinto, Manuel Rincón-Pardo, Diego Soler-Tovar, and Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez

Medicinal plants which are marketed in Bogotá (Colombia) for treatment of infectious diseases, Ludy C. Pabón, Martha F. Rodríguez, and Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez

Entering and exiting behaviour of the phlebotomine sand fly Lutzomyia longiflocosa (diptera: psychodidae) in rural houses of the sub-andean region of Colombia, Raúl Hernando Pardo, Erika Santamaría, and Olga Lucia Cabrera

Natural mitigation factor adjustment for re-suspended particulate matter emissions inventory for Bogotá, Colombia, María Paula Pérez-Peña, Barron H. Henderson, Robert Nedbor-Gross, and Jorge E. Pachón

Freezing of equine semen under two schemes of addition of dimethylformamide, Daniel Domingo Pérez Q., Mariano Acosta L., Giovanni Restrepo B., Cesar Camacho, and Jair Pérez O.

Cognition and behavior in the fallacy of base rates, Claudia Milena Pico Bonilla, Edwin Oswaldo Gil Mateus, and Álvaro Arturo Clavijo Álvarez

Reading and interdisciplinary thinking in mathematics class and information sciences, Johann Pirela-Morillo and Wilson Pico-Sánchez

Evaluation of the professional profile in information systems, library science and archival science at the university of la salle, colombia, from the perspective of graduates, Johann Pirela Morillo, César Ernesto Prieto Cante, and Nelson Javier Pulido Daza

Trends for higher education in information systems, library and archives, Johann Pirela Morillo and Nelson Javier Pulido Daza

Diagnostic approach to a multicentric lymphoma in canine: From the Clinical to the Histopathological, Alba MIriam Poche Ceballos, Ana María Agudelo Puyo, Diana Cristina Sánchez Arevalo, and Andrés Felipe Valencia Hernández

A Varying Frequency LPV-Based Control Strategy for Three-Phase Inverters, German Andres Ramos, Rene Alexander Soto-Perez, and Jenny Alexandra Cifuentes

Effectiveness of homotoxicological therapy in a mestice feline patient with cerebellar síndrome: A clinical case report, Montoya Rivera Raquel, Motta Hoyos Luis, Restrepo Usma Andres Felipe, Pacheco Trujillo Fabian, Valencia Hernandez Andres, Sanchez Arevalo Diana Cristina, and Garcia Trujillo Victor Raul

Research and technology organizations’ mobilizers of the regional environment: Competitive strategies, Carlos Augusto Rincón Díaz and José Albors Garrigós

Weak rocks disintegration patterns recognition through image analysis, Orlando Rincon and Manuel Ocampo

Prácticas de crianza y trastornos psicológicos en adolescentes colombianos, Adriana P. Rodríguez Puentes and María Rosario Cortés Arboleda

Zika Virus: What have we learnt since the start of the recent epidemic?, Juan Carlos Saiz, Miguel A. Martín-Acebes, Rubén Bueno-Marí, Oscar D. Salomón, Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez, Jorg Heukelbach, Carlos H. Alencar, Paul K. Armstrong, Tania M. Ortiga-Carvalho, Rosalia Mendez-Otero, Paulo H. Rosado-de-Castro, and Pedro M. Pimentel-Coelho

Analysis of social function and evolutive aspects of conflict and peace in Colombia, Néstor Juan Sanabria-Landazábal, Mario Alberto de la Puente-Pacheco, Jorge Eduardo Cervera-Cárdenas, Júlio César Acosta-Prado, and Jesús María Beltrán-Cárdenas

Characterization of hygiene habits and environments in children's care homes, Virginia Inés Soto Lesmes, Olga Janneth Gómez Ramírez, Yaneth Mercedes Parrado, Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez, and Arlen Patricia Gomez

The construction of the colombian nation in light of the porfirian model, Adriana María Suárez Mayorga

Development of a platform for analysis and characterization of power quality disturbances, José Antonio Tumialán Borja, Luis Hernando Correa Salazar, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, and Carlos Adrián Correa Florez

Introduction of support criteria for disadvantaged communities in the curricular structure of Civil Engineering, Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells and María Alejandra Caicedo Londoño