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Submissions from 2017

Relationship between the national road network and national economic development. Case of Latin America and the Caribbean, Carlos F. Urazán, Diego Alexander Escobar, and Carlos A. Moncada

Accessibility times Vs traffic lights and pavement failures in the BRT Transmilenio network, Carlos F. Urazán, Diego Alexander Escobar, and Jhony A. Tamayo

Electric bicycle vs Conventional, comparative analysis in times of travel. Case study: Bogotá D.C., Carlos F. Urazán, Carlos A. Moncada, and Diego A. Escobar

Competitiveness of the electric bicycle regarding public transport. Case study: Bogota D.C., Carlos F. Urazán, Edder A. Velandia, and Diego A: Escobar

Detection and molecular characterization of zoonotic poxviruses circulating in the amazon region of Colombia, 2014, Jose A. Usme-Ciro, Andrea Paredes, Diana M. Walteros, Erica Natalia Tolosa-Pérez, Katherine Laiton-Donato, Maria del Carmen Pinzón, Brett W. Petersen, Nadia F. Gallardo-Romero, Yu Li, Kimberly Wilkins, Whitni Davidson, Jinxin Gao, Nishi Patel, Yoshinori Nakazawa, Mary G. Reynolds, P. S. Satheshkumar, Ginny L. Emerson, and Andrés Páez-Martínez

Supplementation with rumen-protected methionine or choline during the transition period influences whole-blood immune response in periparturient dairy cows, M. Vailati-Riboni, Z. Zhou, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, A. Minuti, E. Trevisi, D. N. Luchini, and J. J. Loor

Heart rate and its variability in agility dogs at high altitude, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Susana Arango, Vanesa Rodríguez, Javier Rivas, and Piero Vargas-Pinto

Effect of bovine somatotropin injection in late pregnant Holstein heifers on metabolic parameters and steroidogenic potential of the first postpartum dominant follicle, Diego Andres Velasco Acosta, Augusto Schneider, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, Joao Álvarado Rincón, Felipe Cardoso, and Marcio Nunes Corrêa

Generation of knowledge in security and health at work in Valledupar, Colombia, Carlos Mario Zambrano Morales, Vanessa Paola Pertuz Peralta, and Daysi Coromoto Straccia Martínez

Analysis of the supply chain risk of a PBO company with Fuzzy AHP, Juan Pablo Zamora Aguas, Cristian Andrés Acevedo Moreno, and Steban Mauricio Hernández Belló

Submissions from 2016

Glasser and strauss: Building a theory on appropriation of the zulian gaita, Yamely Margarita Almarza Franco and Johann Pirela Morillo

Connections between a column and its foundation for guadua angustifolia structures under lateral loads, Sofía Andrade Pardo, Fabián Lamus Báez, and Nancy Torres Castellanos

Access to water, poverty and efficiency in Colombian labor productivity, Gustavo Correa Assmus

Prioritization of zoonotic viral diseases in feral pigs, domestic pigs and humans interface, Diana Benavides-Arias and Diego Soler-Tovar

Knowledge management and business activity in Colombia, César Augusto Bernal-Torres, Carlos Iván Aguilera, Mónica Henao-Cálad, and José Salomón Frost

Chronic omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid treatment variably affects cellular repolarization in a healed post-MI arrhythmia model, Ingrid M. Bonilla, Yoshinori Nishijima, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Stephen H. Baine, Arun Sridhar, Chun Li, George E. Billman, and Cynthia A. Carnes

The euthanasia in small species in veterinary medicine, César Augusto Cabrejo Saavedra

Longitudinal data analysis of polymorphisms in the κ-casein and β-lactoglobulin genes shows differential effects along the trajectory of the lactation curve in tropical dairy goats, Samir Julián Calvo Cardona, Henry Cardona Cadavid, Juan David Corrales, Sebastián Munilla, Rodolfo J. C. Cantet, and Andrés Rogberg-Muñoz

Analysis of the cove basin aquifer in san andres Island, Colombia, Shelly Palmer Cantillo and Gustavo Correa Assmus

Bioethical dilemmas approach to veterinary medicine, Iovana Clarena Castellanos Londoño

The cybernetic imagination of computational architecture, Camilo Andrés Cifuentes Quin

Case report: Melanoma Amelanotic in canine adult male mestizo, Ruth Collazos Osorio, Faiver Andrés Tejada Tafur, Diana Cristina Sánchez Arevalo, Andrea Carolina Rojas Mendez, and Andrés Felipe Valencia Hernández

Genetic characterization of the lactation curve from a random regression model in Colombian Holstein cattle, J. D. Corrales Álvarez, J. P. Ramírez Arias, and M. F. Cerón-Muñoz

Optimal microgrid management in the Colombian energy market with demand response and energy storage, Carlos Adrian Correa, Geovanny Marulanda, and Alejandro Garces

Expansion of Transmission Networks Considering Large Wind Power Penetration and Demand Uncertainty, Carlos Adrian Correa Florez, Geovanny Alberto Marulanda Garcia, and Alejandro Sanchez Salcedo


A winsorized adaptive rank test for location when sampling from asymmetric distributions, Jimmy Antonio Corzo and Myrian Elena Vergara

A data driven runs test to identify first order positive Markovian dependence, Jimmy A. Corzo and Myrian E. Vergara

Development, growth, environment and social equity, Alexander Cotte Poveda, Astrid Geovana Muñoz Ortiz, and Gustavo Correa Assmus

Gary Victor: "I am a novelist and also a citizen who contemplates on society", Mónica María Del Valledárraga

New compact and singularity free formulations for the magnetic field produced by a finite cylinder considering linearly varying current density, Guillermo A. Díaz and Enrique E. Mombello

Electric field and electric potential due to a finite cylindrical surface charge distribution considering a linearly variable surface charge density, Guillermo A. Díaz, Enrique E. Mombello, and Geovanny A. Marulanda

A hybrid metaheuristic approach for the capacitated vehicle routing problem with container loading constraints, Luis Miguel Escobar, David Álvarez Martínez, John Wilmer Escobar, Rodrigo Linfati, and Mauricio Granada E.

Mechanisms for tolerance to water-deficit stress in plants inoculated with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi. A review, John Cristhian Fernández-Lizarazo and Liz Patricia Moreno-Fonseca

First report of multiple anthelmintic resistance in nematodes of sheep in Colombia, Carlos M.B. Gárcia, Lew K. Sprenger, Efraín Benavides Ortíz, and Marcelo B. Molento

Observations for a stoic theory of animal action catalina, Catalina López Gómez

Study of useful life of ham through accelerated testing, Luis Enrique Guzmán Carrillo, Diana Paola Martínez Duque, Dario Enrique Martínez Zuluaga, Diofanor Acevedo, and Piedad Margarita Montero

Persistence in generating and adopting product innovations: Evidence for manufacturing firms in a developing country, Jorge Juliao-Rossi and Jana Schmutzler

Phylogenetic analysis of Chikungunya virus in Colombia: Evidence of purifying selection in the E1 gene, Katherine Laiton-Donato, José A. Usme-Ciro, Angélica Rico, Lissethe Pardo, Camilo Martínez, Daniela Salas, Susanne Ardila, and Andrés Páez

Modular footbridges of guadua angustifolia kunth, Fabián Augusto Lamus Baéz, Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells, and Sofía Andrade Pardo

Short span modular bridges of bamboo by self construction, a sustainable alternative, F. A. Lamus, S. Andrade, and Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells

MinaAcces: Information system for access control in mining center, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Laura Gomez, and Jenifer Gonzales

Age and the amplitude of accommodation measured using dynamic retinoscopy, Alejandro León, Jorge M. Estrada, and Mark Rosenfield

Atmospheric correction matching to theoretical forest signature applied to different colombian regions, Juan Molina, Pablo Lugo, Jeraldine Arias, Javier Guaje, Harold Castro, Carlos Costa, Edersson Cabrera, and Mayerling Sanabria

Assessment of the spatial accessibility to the rabies vaccination campaign in Bogotá, Colombia, Stefany Monsalve, Daniel Santiago Rucinque, Luis Polo, and Gina Polo

Evolution in spatially mixed host environments increases divergence for evolved fitness and intrapopulation genetic diversity in RNA viruses, Valerie J. Morley, Mark Sistrom, Jose A. Usme-Ciro, Susanna K. Remold, and Paul E. Turner

A comprehensive performance index adjusted to the different districts of Bogotá D.C., María del Pilar Muñoz, Daniel Fernando Lozano Toscano, and Mauricio Fernando Moreno Infante

Discrimination and wage differentials in the labor market, Fabio David Nieto

The design of the logistics operation of food distribution in different localities in the south of bogotá based on a multistage model, Oscar Herrera Ochoa, Oscar Mayorga, and Angélica Santis Navarro

Use of Six Sigma Methodology to Reduce Appointment Lead-Time in Obstetrics Outpatient Department, Miguel A. Ortiz Barrios and Heriberto Felizzola Jiménez

Diagnosis of healthcare issues in clinics and hospital of Barranquilla, Miguel Ortiz-Barrios and Heriberto A. Felizzola-Jiménez

The role of animal reservoirs in social-environmental landscapes: Remarks on the control of avian influenza and preparedness for pandemics, M. P. Ortiz-Rodríguez, G. C. Ramírez-Nieto, and Luis Carlos Villamil-Jiménez

Phytochemical aspects of Jatropha Curcas and its application in health, Ludy Cristina Pabón Baquero and Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez

Exposure assessment to high-traffic corridors in bogota using a near-road air quality model, Jorge E. Pachón, Constanza Saavedra, María P. Pérez, Boris R. Galvis, and Saravanan Arunachalam

Geographical distribution of the red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus) and yellow fever in Colombia, Juan Piedrahita-Cortés and Diego Soler-Tovar

Curriculum Evaluation of Masterliness of science mention: Knowledge management, Johann Pirela Morillo, Alicia Inciarte González, and María Janeth Álvarez Álvarez

High performance control of a three-phase PWM rectifier using odd harmonic high order repetitive control, Germán Ramos, Iván Dario Melo-Lagos, and Jenny Cifuentes

Exploring palm–insect interactions across geographical and environmental gradients, Zorayda Restrepo Correa, Luis A. Núñez Avellaneda, Sebastian González-Caro, Francisco J. Velásquez-Puentes, and Christine D. Bacon

Incorporation of bovine blood plasma an emulsifier /stabilizer in ice cream, Javier Francisco Rey Rodríguez, Diana Patricia Almendrales Rangel, and Ingrid Sofía Bustos Arévalo

An analysis of housing policy in Bogotá: A supply and demand perspective, Milton Camelo Rincón and Jacobo Campo Robledo

Investigating the reliability of H/V spectral ratio and image entropy for quantifying the degree of disintegration of weak rocks, Orlando Rincon, Abdul Shakoor, and Manuel Ocampo


Perceptions of Country Image and Product Marketing: A Study of Wine Brands from Chile and Argentina, Christopher J. Robertson, Ricardo Buitrago, Lorenzo Lucianetti, Gina Pipoli, and Jose Rojas-Mendez

The body as principle of freedom in Spinoza, Iván Ramón Rodríguez Benavides

Behavior of gilsonite-modified hot mix asphalt by wet and dry processes, Hugo Alexander Rondón Quintana, Jesús Alfredo Hernández Noguera, and Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells

A model of social entrepreneurship based on distance education and ICT, José Manuel Saiz-Alvarez and Jorge A. Gamez Gutierrez

Heroic journalism, moral and revolutionary virility: Youth and women in the magazine Por Qué?, 1968-1974, Juan Carlos Sánchez Sierra

The systemic approach as an analytical tool of an electronic device, case study: “IPod Nano seventh generation”, Diego Fernando Sánchez-Zambrano and Oscar Mayorga-Torres

Leg loss in lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae) due to pyrethroid exposure: Toxic effect or defense by autotomy?, E. Santamaría, O. L. Cabrera, J. Avendaño, and R. H. Pardo

Exercise tolerance in dogs with pulmonary hypertension treated with sildenafil, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Adriana Pedraza-Toscano, Estefanía Betancourt, Christian González, and Piero Vargas-Pinto

Cryopreservation method and composition of the vitrification solution affect viability of in vitro bovine embryos, José N. Vargas Reyes and Liliana Chacón Jaramillo

Prediction of meat yield from in vivo measurements in buffaloes, J. C. Velásquez Mosquera, S. I. Álvarez Villarraga, and Juan David Corrales Álvarez

From old individualimsm to new societies: IT in the qualification of university teaching practices, Jaime Andrés Wilches Tinjacá, Laura Lucia Amézquita García, and Hugo Fernando Guerrero Sierra

Adsorption isotherms of flours from pre-cooked clones of Criolla potato (Solanum tuberosum Group Phureja) South American tuber, L. Zárate, A. M. Garnica, L. Prieto, J. C. Poveda, and M. Cerón

Submissions from 2015

A GRASP algorithm for the container loading problem withmulti-drop constraints, D. Alvarez Martínez, R. Alvarez-Valdes, and F. Parreño

The urban land prices in Bogotá. Veinte de Julio neighborhood, Laura Amézquita, Leslie Rodriguez, and Harold Murillo

3D Visual Servoing Control for Robot Manipulators Without Parametric Identification, Marco Antonio Arteaga Pérez and Maximiliano Bueno-López

Reduction of average lead time in outpatient service of obstetrics through six sigma methodology, Miguel Ortiz Barrios and Heriberto Felizzola Jiménez

Open innovation in Colombian enterprises: Challenge to overcome, César Augusto Bernal-Torres and Salomón Frost-González

Thermal diffusivities and influence of cooking temperature combined with sodium lactate addition on microbiological characteristics of rabbit ham, Carla María Blanco-Lizarazo, Adriana Llorente Bousquets, María Guadalupe López Franco, Jorge López-Pérez, and Jorge Luis Rico-Pérez

Design of a conceptual model for self-organization to achieve joint action on business organizations, Luz Esperanza Bohórquez Arévalo and Ángela Fernanda Gómez Jiménez

Evolution of the structural integrity of lotic ecosystems in “piedemonte llanero” in response to antropogenic action, Guillermo Briceño Vanegas

New algorithm to construct a planar convex hull, Oscar Y. Buitrago, Andrés L. Ramírez, and Rodrigo A. Britto

Towards a non-trivializing education, Germán Ulises Bula

Factoring: Alternative financing as a support tool for road freight companies in Bogot, Diana Milena Carmona Muñoz and Jairo Alejandro Chaves Camargo

Electrocardiographic parameters in captive, clinically healthy, Amazona ochrocephala, S. Claudia Guerrero, B. Janeth Bolivar, Piero Vargas-Pinto, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, and Claudia Brieva-Rico

Enhanced multiobjective algorithm for transmission expansion planning considering N - 1 security criterion, Carlos Adrian Correa, Ricardo Bolanos, and Alejandro Garces

Development of application for relative sag source location through the use of S Transform, Luis Hernando Correa S., José Antonio Tumialan Borja, and Raúl Ernesto Moreno Z.

The Río Bogotá environmental recuperation and flood control project, Carlos R. Costa Posada, Carlos Felipe Urazán Bonells, and Edder A. Velandia Durán

Semianalytic integral method for fast solution of current distribution in foil winding transformers, Guillermo Diaz and Enrique Mombello

Educative institution contributions to post conflict: Humanizarte, a pedagogical proposal for peace building, Carlos Valerio Echavarría Grajales, Julián Bernal Ospina, Niky Alexander Murcia Suárez, Lorena González Meléndez, and Leyder Alonso Castro Beltrán

Colombian university student's moral, ethical and political senses of the citizenship practices, Carlos Valerio Echavarría Grajales and Hernán Ferney Rodríguez García

Birds as bioindicators of heavy metal contamination in wetlands, Diana María Estrada-Guerrero and Diego Soler-Tovar

Air quality impacts and health-benefit valuation of a low-emission technology for rail yard locomotives in Atlanta Georgia, Boris Galvis, Michael Bergin, James Boylan, Yan Huang, Michelle Bergin, and Armistead G. Russell

On the sadness of living with fear slopes: Memory, violence and future, Sebastián Alejandro González-Montero

Modeling the reversible and resistant components of munition constituent adsorption and desorption on soils, Rosalina Gonzalez, Kyle Michelson, Dominic M. Di Toro, and Herbert E. Allen

DNA barcoding survey of anurans across the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia and the impact of the andes on cryptic diversity, Carlos E. Guarnizo, Andrea Paz, Astrid Muñoz-Ortiz, Sandra V. Flechas, Javier Méndez-Narváez, and Andrew J. Crawford

Chemical and biological properties of arbutus unedo, a potential medicinal plant, Patricia Hernández̶Rodríguez, Ludy Cristina Pabón Baquero, and Martha Fabiola Rodríguez Álvarez

Exposure to organic solvents used in dry cleaning reduces low and high level visual function, Ingrid Astrid Jiménez Barbosa, Mei Ying Boon, and Sieu K. Khuu

System based on machine vision for translation of fingerspelling alphabet to Latin alphabet, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, Chiara Seidel Schlenker, and Luis Fernando Morales

Solid dosing system for feeding dogs with remote communication module, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, David Rolando Suarez Mora, and Luis Carlos Hernández Gordo

Heart failure duration progressively modulates the arrhythmia substrate through structural and electrical remodeling, Victor P. Long, Ingrid M. Bonilla, Pedro Vargas-Pinto, Yoshinori Nishijima, Arun Sridhar, Chun Li, Kent Mowrey, Patrick Wright, Murugesan Velayutham, Sanjay Kumar, Nam Y. Lee, Jay L. Zweier, Peter J. Mohler, Sandor Györke, and Cynthia A. Carnes