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Submissions from 2021

Auto-tuning pid based on extremum seeking algorithm for an industrial application, A. Arias-Patiño, A. Zapata-Lombana, F. Salazar-Caceres, and Maximiliano Bueno-López

Endoplasmic reticulum membrane receptors of the GET pathway are conserved throughout eukaryotes, Lisa Yasmin Asseck, Dietmar Gerald Mehlhorn, Jhon Rivera Monroy, Martiniano María Ricardi, Holger Breuninger, Niklas Wallmeroth, Kenneth Wayme Berendzen, Minou Nowrousian, Shuping Xing, Blanche Schwappach, Martin Bayer, and Christopher Grefen

Textual statistical analysis of higher education policy financing: evidence from member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), María I. Barbosa-Camargo, Suelen E. Castiblanco-Moreno, and Iván F. Medina-Arboleda

Cyber-attack mitigation on low voltage distribution grids by using a novel distribution system state estimation approach, Efrain Bernal Alzate, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, and Zihao Huang

Bovine Ehrlichiosis Prevalence: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Molecular Studies, D. Katterine Bonilla-Aldana, Keidenis Quintero-Rada, Juan Pablo Montoya-Posada, Diego Soler-Tovar, Paola Barato, Kovy Arteaga-Livias, Lysien I. Zambrano, Álvaro A. Faccini-Martínez, and Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

Inverse Molecular Docking Study of NS3-Helicase and NS5-RNA Polymerase of Zika Virus as Possible Therapeutic Targets of Ligands Derived from Marcetia taxifolia and Its Implications to Dengue Virus, Cristian Buendia-Atencio, Gilles Paul Pieffet, Santiago Montoya-Vargas, Jessica A. Martínez Bernal, Héctor Rafael Rangel, Ana Luisa Muñoz, Monica Losada-Barragán, Nidya Alexandra Segura, Orlando A. Torres, Felio Jesús Bello, Alírica Isabel Suárez, and Anny Karely Rodríguez

Oscillation analysis of low-voltage distribution systems with high penetration of photovoltaic generation, Maximiliano Bueno-López, Mauricio Sanabria-Villamizar, Marta Molinas, and Efrain Bernal-Alzate

Institutions, institutional quality, and international competitiveness: Review and examination of future research directions, Ricardo E. Buitrago R. and María Inés Barbosa Camargo

A Philosophy of Sidewalks: Reclaiming Promiscuous Public Spaces, Germán Bula

Determination of Positional Parameters of the Distal Phalanx Within the Hoof Capsule in Sound Colombian Paso Horses, Guillermo A. Cardona, Andrea Uribe, and Kyla Ortved

Co-pollination, constancy, and efficiency over time: small beetles and the reproductive success of Acrocomia aculeata (Arecaceae) in the Colombian Orinoquia, Javier Carreño-Barrera, Artur Campos Dália Maia, Carlos Augusto Colombo, and Luis Alberto Núñez-Avellaneda

Analytic formulation for the calculation of leakage reactance in wound-core transformers, Russby Liliana Castañeda Hernandez, Guillermo Andrés Díaz Florez, Jhon Jairo Pérez Gelves, and Enrique Esteban Mombello

Las Normas Internacionales de Información Financiera y su relevancia informativa: Evidencia empírica en empresas cotizadas de Colombia, Diego Fernando Católico Segura

Air quality modeling to inform pollution mitigation strategies in a Latin American megacity, James East, Juan Sebastián Montealegre, Jorge E. Pachón, and Fernando García-Menéndez

Teacher education and critical thinking: Systematizing theoretical perspectives and formative experiences in Latin America, Yamith José Fandiño Parra, Andrea Muñoz Barriga, Rodolfo Alberto López Díaz, and Jairo Alberto Galindo Cuesta

Physicochemical and structural characterization of starches from Andean roots and tubers grown in Colombia, Elsa Beatriz Fonseca-Santanilla and Liliana Lucía Betancourt-López

Evaluation of the health status of the bat collection (Mammalia: Chiroptera) at Museo de La Salle, Bogotá MLS-mam, Nerieth Goretti Leuro-Robles, Julieth Stella Cárdenas-Hincapié, and Cristian Alexander Cruz-Rodríguez

Exploring pre-service teachers’ beliefs about language teaching and learning: A narrative study, Catalina Herrera Mateus, Ángela María Gamboa González, Lady Viviana Cuervo Alzate, and Catalina de los Ángeles Lalle

An improved high frequency white-box lossy transformer model for the calculation of power systems electromagnetic transients, Enrique E. Mombello and Guillermo Andrés Díaz Flórez

Use of chilean conservative fixative solution in veterinary anatomical parts, César Alfonso Muñetón-Gómez, Mayra Alejandra Molina Clavijo, Danuil Sarabia Guerrero, and Juan Carlos Poveda Pisco

Molecular characterization of mosquitoes (Diptera: Culicidae) from the colombian rainforest, Andrew S. Muñoz-Gamba, Katherine Laiton-Donato, Erick Perdomo-Balaguera, Lyda R. Castro, José A. Usme-Ciro, and Gabriel Parra-Henao

Methods for the characterization of the variability of solar and wind resource, C. Ojeda Avila, S. Salamanca Forero, and Maximiliano Bueno-López

Identification of Leptospira spp. in the animal-environment interface (swine-water) in pig production cycle, Maria Catalina Ospina-Pinto and Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez

Evaluation of factors influencing road dust loadings in a Latin American urban center, Jorge E. Pachon, Sebastián Vanegas, Constanza Saavedra, Fulvio Amato, Luis F. O. Silva, Karen Blanco, Rafael Chaparro, and Oscar M. Casas

Does Pressure-Retarded Osmosis Help Reverse Osmosis in Desalination?, Abdon Parra, Mario Noriega, Lidia Yokoyama, and Miguel Bagajewicz

Characterization and analysis of sediments in stormwater drainage for reuse, Carlos Peña-Guzmán, Jeimmy Cárdenas, Amelia Pérez, Andrés Torres, and Karen Mora-Cabrera

Case report: Esthesioneuroblastoma in an equine, Ricardo Javier Piñeros Duque, Cortes Adolfo Salazar Latorre, Carlos Alberto Venegas Cortes, Jessika Paola Galindo Rodriguez, and Marie Odile Benoit-Biancamano

Distribution modeling of Amblyomma rotundatum and Amblyomma dissimile in Brazil: estimates of environmental suitability, Gina Polo, Hermes R. Luz, André Luis Regolin, Thiago F. Martins, Gisele R. Winck, Hélio R. da Silva, Valeria C. Onofrio, Marcelo B. Labruna, and João L. H. Faccini

Evaluation of biochar in the root nodulation of Acacia mangium Willd. in a nursery, Giovanni Reyes-Moreno, Enrique Darghan Contreras, and Néstor Julián Cárdenas pardo

Kinetics of galactooligosaccharide (GOS) production with two β-galactosidases combined: Mathematical model and raw material effects, F. Rico-Rodríguez, M. A. Noriega, R. Lancheros, and J. C. Serrato-Bermúdez

Phylogeography, genetic diversity and population structure of the freshwater stingray, Paratrygon aiereba (Müller & Henle, 1841) (Myliobatiformes: Potamotrygonidae) in the Colombian Amazon and Orinoco basins, Maira A. Rizo-Fuentes, Camilo A. Correa-Cárdenas, Carlos A. Lasso, Mónica A. Morales-Betancourt, Dalia C. Barragán-Barrera, and Susana Caballero

Advances on the implementation of circular economy techniques in rural areas in Colombia under a sustainable development framework, Javier Rodrigo-Ilarri, Camilo A. Vargas-Terranova, María Elena Rodrigo-Clavero, and Paula A. Bustos-Castro

Virtual reality interface for assist in programming of tasks of a robotic manipulator, Daniel Santiago Rodríguez Hoyos, José Antonio Tumialán Borja, and Hugo Fernando Velasco Peña

Biocompatibility with the ocular surface and antimicrobial activity of a new multi-purpose contact lens solution, Martha Fabiola Rodríguez, Ingrid Astrid Jiménez, Laura Victoria Martín, and Fernando Ballesteros

A Classification Method for Power-Quality Disturbances Using Hilbert–Huang Transform and LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks, Miguel Angel Rodriguez, John Felipe Sotomonte, Jenny Cifuentes, and Maximiliano Bueno-López

PM2.5 emissions, concentrations and air quality index during the COVID-19 lockdown, Néstor Y. Rojas, Omar Ramírez, Luis Carlos Belalcázar, Juan Felipe Méndez-Espinosa, Jorge Amrio Vargas, and Jorge Eduardo Pachón

Signal analysis in power systems with high penetration of non-conventional energy sources, J. M. Sanabria-Villamizar, Maximiliano Bueno-López, and Efrain Bernal Alzate

LMI-fuzzy control design for non-minimum-phase DC-DC converters: An application for output regulation, Carlos Andrés Torres-Pinzón, Leonel Paredes-Madrid, Freddy Flores-Bahamonde, and Harrynson Ramirez-Murillo

Volcanic emissions and atmospheric pollution: A study of nanoparticles, Erika M. Trejos, Luis Felipe Silva Oliveira, James C. Hower, Eriko M. M. Flores, Carlos Mario González, Jorge Eduardo Pachón, and Beatriz H. Aristizábal

Sarolaner in the control of external parasites in small animals, Melissa K. Vera and Willington A. Martinez

Submissions from 2020

Evaluation of simple space interpolation methods for the depth of precipitation: Application for Boyacá, Colombia, Pedro Mauricio Acosta Castellanos, Alejandra Castro Ortegón, and Hugo Fernando Guerrero Sierra

Butaphosphan effects on glucose metabolism involve insulin signaling and depends on nutritional plan, Maria Amélia Agnes Weiller, Joao Alveiro Alvarado-Rincón, Carolina Bespalhok Jacometo, Carlos Castilho Barros, Izabel Cristina Custódio de Souza, Lucas Teixeira Hax, Thaís Casarin da Silva, Patrícia Mattei, Antônio Amaral Barbosa, Josiane de Oliveira Feijó, Rubens Alves Pereira, Cassio Cassal Brauner, Viviane Rohrig Rabassa, Francisco Augusto Burkert del Pino, and Marcio Nunes Corrêa

Evaluation of a predictive model to configure an active packaging with moisture adsorption for fresh tomato, Geraldine Agudelo-Rodríguez, Diana Moncayo-Martínez, and Diego A. Castellanos

Wild and tamed: The literary figure of the dog in plato'srepublic, Laura Victoria Almandós Mora and Catalina López Gómez

Border. Resistance and vulnerability of enterprising migrant women in Colombia, Yolanda Álvarez Sánchez and Diana Carol Castro Mazanett

Parish and care from the orality of a wise and father of the U'wa community, Andrea Jimena Amaya Moreno, Claudia María Moreno Mojica, and Julián Andrés Barragán Becerra

Community of practice in the education and society doctorate: Organizational strategy in Bogotá-Colombia, Novoa Palacios Amparo and Johann Pirela Morillo

Multi-Year Density Variation of Queen Conch (Aliger gigas) on Serrana Bank, Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, Colombia: Implications for Fisheries Management, Néstor E. Ardila, Hernando Hernández, Astrid Muñoz-Ortiz, Óscar J. Ramos, Erick Castro, Nacor Bolaños, Anthony Rojas, and Juan A. Sánchez

Appropriation of ICT in the educational field: Approach to public policy in Colombia years 2000-2019, Diego Fernando Barragán Giraldo and Juan Carlos Amador Báquiro

Formative and research itinerary in systematization of experiences, Diego Fernando Barragán-Giraldo, María Luz Ceci Ibarra-Mogollón, and Tito Hernando Pérez-Pérez

Social cartography, uses and suspicions raised in the educational field, Diego Fernando Barragán Giraldo, Natalia Sánchez Corrales, and Alba Lucia Cruz Castillo

A New Terrestrial Species of Colura (Marchantiophyta: Lejeuneaceae) at Tropical High Elevations (Boyacá, Colombia), Juan Carlos Benavides, Laura Victoria Campos, and Jaime Uribe

Candidatus Rickettsia senegalensis in Cat Fleas (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae) Collected from Dogs and Cats in Cauca, Colombia, Paola Betancourt-Ruiz, Heidy C. Martínez-Díaz, Juliana Gil-Mora, Catalina Ospina, Luz Adriana Olaya-M, Efraín Benavides, Eliana Bolaños, Claudia Cuervo, Lucas Blanton, and Marylin Hidalgo

Pollination of Bactris guineensis (Arecaceae), a potential economically exploitable fruit palm from the Colombian Caribbean, Edwin Brieva-Oviedo, Artur Campos Dália Maia, and Luis Alberto Núñez-Avellaneda

Reproductive biology of palma amarga (Sabal mauritiiformis: Arecaceae): Economically important species for the colombia caribbean coast, Edwin Brieva-Oviedo and Luis Alberto Núñez-Avellaneda

Home country institutions and outward fdi: An exploratory analysis in emerging economies, Ricardo E. Buitrago R. and María Inés Barbosa Camargo

Cognitive bubbles: Towards a logic of fundamentalism, Germán Ulises Bula, María Clara Garavito, and Sebastián Alejandro González Montero

Intelligent Digital Tutor to Assemble Puzzles Based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques, Sara M. Cachique, Edgar S. Correa, and C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito

Calibration of the rising plate meter for mixed pastures of ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.) and kikuyo (Cenchrus clandestinus), Javier Cárdenas, Oscar Balocchi, and Iván Calvache

The armies’ social organization in the battle of Boyacá: a georeferenced reconstruction, Jorge Mauricio Cardona-Angarita, Daniela Trujillo Hassan, and Robert Ojeda Pérez

Orchestrated flowering and interspecific facilitation: Key factors in the maintenance of the main pollinator of coexisting threatened species of andean wax palms (ceroxylon spp.), Javier Carreño-Barrera, Luis Alberto Núñez-Avellaneda, María José Sanín, and Artur Campos Dália Maia

Fiscal rule, private debt and rights in Colombia: The recovery after the pandemic, Diana Alexandra Castañeda Guerrero, Gonzalo Cómbita Mora, and Carolina Castañeda Guerrero

Structural change and financial fragility in the Colombian business sector: A post Keynesian approach, Gonzalo Cómbita Mora

Inclusive growth: A comprehensive strategy to achieve the sustainable development goals, Gonzalo Cómbita Mora and Óscar Pérez Rodríguez

Analysis of transport infrastructure development and competitiveness in the member countries of the pacific alliance (2007-2016), Raúl Alberto Cortés-Villafradez and Nicolás de la Peña-Cárdenas

Chemical ecology of Cyclocephala forsteri (Melolonthidae), a threat to macauba oil palm cultivars (Acrocomia aculeata, Arecaceae), Artur Campos Dália Maia, Letícia Koutchin Reis, Daniela Maria do Amaral Ferraz Navarro, Flavio Aristone, Carlos Augusto Colombo, Javier Carreño-Barrera, Luis Alberto Núñez-Avellaneda, and Geanne Karla Novais Santos

Similar composition of functional roles in Andean seed-dispersal networks, despite high species and interaction turnover, D. Matthias Dehling, Guadalupe Peralta, Irene M.A. Bender, Pedro G. Blendinger, Katrin Böhning-Gaese, Marcia C. Muñoz, Eike Lena Neuschulz, Marta Quitián, Francisco Saavedra, Vinicio Santillán, Matthias Schleuning, and Daniel B. Stouffer

Writers on the Magdalena River (Colombia): Memories of water, Mónica María Del Valle Idárraga, Jorge Antonio Mejía Escobar, and Luisa Rubiela Bárcenas Mantilla

The eye: “An organ that must not be forgotten in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-2019) pandemic”, Sandra C. Durán C and Diana C. Mayorga G

How an online tutor motivates E-learning English, Fredy Geovanni Escobar Fandiño and Angela Juliette Silva Velandia

Effect of agroecological practices on soil characteristics in a specialized dairy system of the Colombian high tropics, María Isabel Escobar, Alexander Navas Panadero, Claudia Alejandra Medina, Juan David Corrales Álvarez, Ana Isabel Tenjo, and Luis Miguel Borrás Sandoval

Understanding knowledge creation processes among rural communities in post-conflict settings in Colombia, Rosalba Frias-Navarro and Luz Alexandra Montoya-Restrepo

Perception of insecurity among soldiers and officers in southern Cesar: a bottom-up institutional approach, Laura Andrea Gaitán Aya, Pamela Bautista Perdomo, and Irma Liliana Vásquez Merchán

The molecular basis and biologic significance of the β-dystroglycan-emerin interaction, Wendy Lilián Gómez-Monsivais, Feliciano Monterrubio-Ledezma, Jazmin Huerta-Cantillo, Ricardo Mondragon-Gonzalez, Alma Alamillo-Iniesta, Ian García-Aguirre, Paulina Margarita Azuara-Medina, Raúl Arguello-García, Jhon Erick Rivera-Monroy, James M. Holaska, Jesús Mauricio Ernesto Hernández-Méndez, Efraín Garrido, Jonathan Javier Magaña, Steve J. Winder, Andrea Brancaccio, Ivette Martínez-Vieyra, Fernando Navarro-Garcia, and Bulmaro Cisneros

A simple extension of Rolle's theorem and its relation with multiple internal rates of return (IRR), Fernando Gómez-Villaraga

Social entrepreneurship and sustainable tourism in Colombia: A baseline study in post-conflict regions, Luz Dary González-Cortés and Soraya Husain-Talero

Comparison between three times of heart rate measurement in horses, Daniela González-Suárez, María Paula Rodriguez-Sanabria, Claudia Valderrama Martínez, and Pedro Vargas-Pinto

Cloacal bacterial communities of tree swallows (Tachycineta bicolor): Similarity within a population, but not between pair-bonded social partners, Jessica Hernandez, Camilo Escallón, Daniel Medina, Ben J. Vernasco, Jenifer B. Walke, Lisa K. Belden, and Ignacio T. Moore

Influence of co-depositor materials and modification of substrate on the formation of dendrites on the anode of a zinc-based secondary battery, Bart Homan, Diego F. Quintero Pulido, Marnix V. ten Kortenaar, Johann L. Hurink, and Gerard J.M. Smit

Alternative fastening mechanism for shear connectors with cold-formed steel shapes involved in composite sections, Xavier Fernando Hurtado Amézquita and Maritzabel Molina Herrera

Trajectories of innovation: A new approach to studying innovation performance, Jorge Juliao-Rossi, Clemente Forero-Pineda, Mauricio Losada-Otalora, and Nathalie Peña-García

Progressive vaccinia acquired through zoonotic transmission in a patient with HIV/AIDS, Colombia, Katherine Laiton-Donato, Paola Ávila-Robayo, Andrés Páez-Martinez, Paula Benjumea-Nieto, José A. Usme-Ciro, Nicole Pinzón-Nariño, Ivan Giraldo, Diego Torres-Castellanos, Yoshinori Nakazawa, Nishi Patel, Kimberly Wilkins, Yu Li, Whitni Davidson, Jillybeth Burgado, Panayampalli Subbian Satheshkumar, Ashley Styczynski, Matthew R. Mauldin, Martha Gracia-Romero, and Brett W. Petersen

Adaptive Robotic Platform as an Inclusive Education Aid for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Diana Lancheros-Cuesta, Jorge Eliecer Rangel, Jose Luis Rubiano, and Yenny Alexandra Cifuentes

Optimization of the antioxidant capacity of mangosteen peels (Garcinia mangostana L.) extracts: Management of the drying extraction processes, Mónica León García, María Hernández Carrión, Sebastián Escobar, Aureliano Rodríguez, and Jader Rodríguez Cortina

Simulator for Planning Collision-Free Trajectories in Manipulation of Objects Applications, J. S. Martinez-Caldas, C. H. Rodriguez-Garavito, Carolina Peña-Ortega, Alvaro A. Patiño-Forero, and Guillermo A. Camacho

Production of aviation biofuel from palm kernel oil, Manuel A. Mayorga, Mauricio López, Camilo A. López, Javier A. Bonilla, Vladimir Silva, Gabriel F. Talero, Felipe Correa, and Mario A. Noriega

Air quality variations in Northern South America during the COVID-19 lockdown, Juan F. Mendez-Espinosa, Nestor Y. Rojas, Jorge Vargas, Jorge E. Pachón, Luis C. Belalcazar, and Omar Ramírez

Insights into the proteomic profile and gene expression of Lutzomyia longipalpis-derived lulo cell line, Luzia Monteiro de Côrtes, Daniela de Pita-Pereira, Priscila Silva Grijó Farani, Bernardo Acácio Santini Pereira, Geovane Dias Lopes, Franklin Souza da Silva, Paloma Rsende Corrêa, Roger Magno Macedo Silva, Suzana Côrte-Real, Felio Jesús Bello, Leila Mendonça-Lima, Otacilio da Cruz Moreira, Mariana Caldas Waghabi, and Carlos Roberto Alves

State-of-the-art green roofs: Technical performance and certifications for sustainable construction, Alejandra Naranjo, Andrés Colonia, Jaime Mesa, Heriberto Maury, and Aníbal Maury-Ramírez

Evaluation of semi-intensive green roofs with drainage layers made out of recycled and reused materials, Alejandra Naranjo, Andrés Colonia, Jaime Mesa, and Aníbal Maury-Ramírez

Development of a mobile application: Optimization problems for differential calculus, Francisco Nino Rojas, Martha Tatiana Pamela Jimenez Valderrama, Diana Janeth Lancheros-Cuesta, and Sergio Eduardo Gómez Ardila

Scale-up and cost analysis of biodiesel production using liquid-liquid film reactors: Reduction in the methanol consumption and investment cost, M. A. Noriega and P. C. Narváez

Innovative integral educational leadership in the superior normal schools of Colombia, Amparo Novoa-Palacios

Accompaniment from an ethics of life to educate in times of pandemic, Amparo Novoa Palacios and Johann Pirela Morillo

Correlation between Morphometric Parameters and Geology of Igneous and Metamorphic Basins in Colombia, Diana Nunez Rangel, Oriani Reyes Santiago, Angélica Nino Rodriguez, Alejandro Franco Rojas, and Edgar Alexander Padilla Gonzalez

Social responsibility at the Santiago de Cali university, Jorge Eliecer Olaya Garcerá, Alfonso Lucas Rojas Muñoz, and Humberto Gutiérrez Vera

Optimizing production capacity in a food company using discrete event simulation, Lina Vanessa Peña Ariza and Heriberto Alexander Felizzola Jimenez

Methodology to assess the implementation of solar power projects in rural areas using AHP: A case study of Colombia, Jhon Jairo Pérez Gelves and Guillermo Andrés Díaz Florez

Underground structures used for storage of perishable food: State of the art, Yeiner Pinilla, Leonel Gómez, and Sandra Ospina

Presentación, Johann Pirela Morillo